Hadrian's Wall Path Walking Tour England.

DAY 1: Arrival in Tynemouth (Newcastle)

From your point of arrival, use the public transport information we provide to make the journey to Tynemouth.

DAY 2: Wallsend to Newburn

Distance 19km • Approximate Walking Time 4-6 hours • Ascent (↑) 170m

From the best excavated Roman Fort on Hadrian’s Wall and its recreated Roman Bath the trail takes you along the banks of the river Tyne past the old heartland of the British Empire's shipbuilding industry. After passing through the rejuvenated vibrant city of Newcastle, with its seven famous bridges, you end the day's walking near a pleasant riverside park.

DAY 3: Newburn to Portgate

19km • 4 - 6 hours • (↑) 200m

You first follow a former wagonway and indulge in a possible detour to the birthplace of George Stephenson, the Father of all Railways. The trail then leaves the River Tyne and brings you through meadows and pastures along the old Military Road, closely following the earthen defenses on either side of Hadrian’s Wall. After passing through the sites of two Roman Forts you soon arrive at the Port Gate, where the main Roman road into the North of Britain used to pass through Hadrian’s Wall.

DAY 4: Corbridge to Chollerford

17km • 4 - 6 hours • (↑) 100m

Turrets and milecastles soon become part of the landscape as you follow the gentle curves of the defensive Roman earthworks. The trail passes Heavenfield battle site, where Oswald, king of Northumbria, won a famous victory in 734. The day comes to an exciting conclusion at the fascinating Roman fort of Chesters.

DAY 5: Chollerford to Once Brewed

21km • 5 - 7 hours • (↑) 450m

Through the Northumberland National Park you reach a Roman temple at the Fort of Brocolitia.