Beara Way Hiking Trail Ireland - Dursey Island

Combine stunning landscapes with a decent workout.

Our Moderate Hiking Tours will suit people who are used to regular exercise.

Hikers will appreciate the chance to cover plenty of ground each day without going beyond their limits.

Moderate Hiking Tours
Average Daily Hike: 19-21km (12-13.5 miles)
Average Hiking Time: 5-7 hours per day

For a detailed breakdown of our hiking tour grading, click here.


Note Although this tour is graded as 'Moderate' there are some days that are more challenging, due to rugged and boggy underfoot conditions. Where possible, we have tried to make these sections easier by shortening them or offering route alternatives.

Due to limited accommodation options in some locations on your tour, we may need to book you into an accommodation which will require transfers to/from your hike start/end point. We may also need to book you into the same accommodation for more than one night to cover multiple locations. The cost of this is covered in your basic tour price and will not affect your tour itinerary.