Sheeps Head Way, West Cork Walking Trail Ireland

The Sheep's Head Way combines great hiking with some of the friendliest people in the world. Treat yourself to a day off along the way!

Kilcrohane/Durrus: These must be two of the most relaxed, chilled-out places in the whole world. If you're looking to completely switch off, these are the places for you.

Bantry: The roads around the Sheep's Head are perfect for exploring the peninsula by bike - stunning, quiet and relatively flat. Bicycle rental is available locally.

Cork: Sample the delicious food at the English Market, pay a visit to Spike Island ("Ireland's Alcatraz") or have a bet on the dogs at the Greyhound Stadium.

Booking Extra Days

Choose WHERE you wish to stay.

Decide HOW MANY NIGHTS you need.

Go to the BOOKING FORM and fill in the 'Additional Nights Required' section.

The cost of an extra night on all our Sheep's Head Way hiking tours is €45 per person per night or €55 for single hikers who will have their own private room.

* Accommodation in Dublin from €80 per person per night or from €130 for a single person.

* Accommodation in Cork is €55 per person per night or €70 for a single person.

1 Please note that if you book an extra night in a location that is not listed on your tour itinerary, you will need to bring your bags with you to this location.