Sheeps Head Way, West Cork Walking Trail Ireland

"All the guesthouses were totally up to the standard and satisfying. Seamount Farm we found very nice, especially Charly, who is a great person as everybody further on agreed. Thanks to all of them ! True and charming kindness.  What we tell our friends is, that if we had time and money enough, you would not find us here in Germany. Ireland is the better place to be."

Peter Raths & Kaja Sevim-Raths, Bad Nenndorf, Germany - Sheep's Head 8-Day Gentle Hiking Tour

"I have really enjoyed our holiday in Ireland. The country was beautiful and we were very lucky to have such good weather. I also really liked the B&B's (never stayed in a B&B before), because the people made me feel very welcome. We had a wonderful time: the weather was perfect for walking and we thought the B&B owners were all so very kind! You were very fast in answering our e-mail in which we requested some more information. Hillwalk was actually the first organisation we contacted, but we didn't feel like contacting others, because we had a good feeling about Hillwalk."

Joyce Bilderbeek & Anika Beijen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Sheep's Head 8-Day Gentle Hiking Tour

"We have returned to Switzerland after an absolutely great walking time in Ireland, in spite of the windy weather. We did like the scenery, tranquility on Sheep's Head Peninsula and treasure experiences we had with so many friendly, open-minded people. Your Agency surely helped to fulfill our expectations. Well organized tours, good accommodations, very friendly hosts, got a good insight of Irish living."

Margaretha Lenzin & Erika Wuethrich, Gelterkinden, Switzerland - Sheep's Head 8-Day Gentle Hiking Tour

"We are back in Switzerland and fine. We had a wonderful trip through a gorgeous piece of Ireland. Though the weather played not very well the last week (it was a bit misty up in the mountains, northside west-direction), we enjoyed the nature and the irish terrain"

Roger Blank & Andrea Walthers, Dieterswil, Switzerland - Sheep's Head 6-Day Challenging Hiking Tour