Aaron McGee Hillwalk Tours

Aaron is from West Donegal, where he grew up against the backdrop of Muckish Mountain – a beautiful area rich with history, mythology and tradition. Profoundly impacted by this, he developed a deep respect for the landscape and for the past. Despite this he is also a futurist with a keen interest in the internet, technology and design which led Aaron to dedicate his studies to Digital Media and Design. Aaron joined Hillwalk Tours as working here allows him to apply his technological know-how to his love for landscape and the natural world, in an environment that shares these values and is people focused.

As our Digital Marketing Specialist, Aaron tries to make it as easy as possible for you to find & discover Hillwalk Tours online. Then once you’ve found us, he works to ensure we deliver the best possible online experience for you while you learn about our tours & services. We don’t use ‘pushy sales’ techniques here at Hillwalk Tours, which is why instead, Aaron spends his time crafting exciting content which showcase our many beautiful hiking trails and diverse landscapes, allowing you to read about them & explore them at your leisure & by letting the beauty of the trails themselves do the talking!

Aaron is very interested in independent media as well as arts and culture and is a big fan and supporter of the underground Irish (and international) music scene. Outside of work, you are likely to find him checking out some new music, spending time with family and friends, or spending time connecting with nature.

The Hillwalk Tour he'd pick Antrim Glens & Coastline
The tour grading he'd pick Gentle
The item he'd take on a hiking tour Headphones