Alyesha Bartley Hillwalk Tours

Alyesha grew up in the renowned Hills of Donegal in the northwest of Ireland where she spent most of her childhood outside, connecting with nature and animals – a relief for her mother as she couldn’t keep up with young Alyesha’s curious character and incessant questioning. It was there, amid the great outdoors where Alyesha found her inspiration to discover more about the world around her. Her only concern was ‘How can I see it all?’. With this open mind and open heart, Alyesha flew the nest and has since lived in Spain, Turkey & Portugal with various other escapades in between.

Passion is what motivates and drives Alyesha, therefore she knew instantly that Hillwalk Tours was the place for her. As a Customer Experience Specialist, Alyesha dedicates her time to ensuring that our customers have the most unforgettable experiences while they are out exploring one of our trails. She gets giddy with excitement each time a new customer enquiry comes her way, relishing the opportunity to build unique, personalised itineraries for every booking.

Alyesha is not one to bore easily. When she’s not busy planning ineffable adventures for our hikers she’s likely planning one for herself! Keeping fit is a top priority for Alyesha who attends gym classes at the crack of dawn to maintain her energy levels. However, she does understand the need for balance so in her downtime you can find her reading, catching up on the latest crypto news, listening to audiobooks, meditating, practicing yoga or playing the ukulele for her cat Smokey 😊

The Hillwalk Tour she'd pick Wicklow Mountains
The tour grading she'd pick Challenging
The item she'd take on a hiking tour Lip Balm (Specifically Burt's Bees)