Aoife Byrne Hillwalk Tours

To say Aoife enjoys walking is like saying that the Pope enjoys praying. Aoife is a walking fanatic. It’s a fundamental part of who she is and a good walk in the Kilkenny countryside, near where she lives, invariably lifts Aoife’s spirits and leaves her ready for action. With her passion for walking, a role with Hillwalk Tours was a natural fit and she started working there in 2015.

Aoife’s job at Hillwalk Tours is to prepare the walking packs that are sent out to our walkers from all over the world. She loves her work as it keeps her mind active, puts her in good form and develops her communication skills. Having undergone major brain surgery as a child to remove a tumour, the entire right-hand side of Aoife’s body was affected. To overcome this disability, Aoife has had to become incredibly resourceful and strong-willed. For example, she now writes with her left hand and, after 15 years of instruction, she acquired her full driving licence. Her determination enables her to complete tasks that may have seemed beyond her at first.

Away from work, and aside from her daily walks, another passion of Aoife’s is shopping. While she has a keen eye for the latest fashion and likes nothing more than a pretty outfit, she tends to spend most of her money on her family, particularly her nephews and nieces. This can cause some discomfort for her sisters and brother, particularly at Christmas, when Santa Claus comes under serious pressure trying to compete with Aoife. And finally, there’s travel. Aoife loves to explore new places and discover new walks, particularly along the sea. Her bucket-list adventures include a trip to New Zealand and a safari-tour in Africa.

The Hillwalk Tour she'd pick Camino Frances
The tour grading she'd pick Moderate
The item she'd take on a hiking tour A smartphone 📱