Jason Escobedo Fox Hillwalk Tours

Jason is a Mexican-Canadian that loves travelling the world and meeting new people whenever he can. After seeing all of the beauty that both Canada and Mexico have to offer, he decided to make it his quest to visit as many places as he could. He has checked many places off his list in the Americas, Europe and Asia. After experiencing Ireland and falling in love with its culture, people, and stunning natural beauty, Jason made the decision to move over. Having spent so much time travelling, he wanted to find a job in the tourism industry where he could help other travellers such as himself. It was then that he found Hillwalk Tours, and the rest is history!

After working for some time in the Sales & Customer Support department, Jason decided to change it up a bit and join his colleagues in the Product Team. He now has the pleasure of creating the route notes and documents that go into your walking pack, finding and checking the B&Bs you will be staying in, and going through customer feedback to help improve our tours.

When Jason isn’t working, he likes taking weekend trips to explore more of Ireland. He also likes meeting up with his friends for a chat over a warm cup of coffee or a cold pint in the pub. On cold, rainy days, Jason enjoys playing video games and watching a good TV show.

The Hillwalk Tour he'd pick Beara Way
The tour grading he'd pick Moderate
The item he'd take on a hiking tour A smartphone 📱