Lieke Munsters Hillwalk Tours

Lieke is originally from the Netherlands, where she grew up in a small village. Travelling was on her mind from a young age and as soon as she could she started exploring the world. With a huge interest in travel it is no surprise she studied International Tourism Management with a particular interest in Sustainable Tourism. She landed in Ireland 12 years ago after working and living in places like Australia, Greece and Spain. From working for a Bungee Jump company to managing a yoga retreat. She loves a challenge. Now settled in the west coast of Ireland, she enjoys being part of a small community and all the beauty this part of the world has to offer. The importance of community, sustainable tourism and being surrounded by people who like her love exploring is why she started working for Hillwalk Tours. She loves planning tours for travellers who want to be immersed in nature and the culture of a country.

As a customer experience specialist, she is there to plan the best experience for hikers. She loves the puzzle and planning part of the itineraries and being part of what is often a once in a lifetime experience. The excitement of the hikers is contagious. Always curious herself to learn more about the different routes, there is a never-ending exploring within the company.

In her spare time, Lieke loves to learn, especially about Yoga & Ayurveda. She finds her peace in beach combing and uses her findings to create macramé pieces. She can be spotted at a good trad session a couple times a week and of course loves exploring, hiking and planning her own trips. She believes curiosity is the key to life.

The Hillwalk Tour she'd pick West Highland Way
The tour grading she'd pick Gentle
The item she'd take on a hiking tour Warm Hat