Pauline Lemaire Hillwalk Tours

Pauline grew up in between the north of France, nearby Lille and the beautiful city of Cairo in Egypt. Being surrounded by the pyramids, one of the seven wonders of the world and the Flemish architecture of Lille, she always had travelling at heart and rapidly developed a huge ambition to see as many parts of the world as possible. She naturally decided to study tourism and enjoyed internships in Dublin, Prague and Bangkok while organising some more trips to Europe and Asia to boost her confidence as a solo traveller, overcome language barriers and experience a totally new way of life. After obtaining her master’s degree, she decided to go back to a country that had already touched her heart for the beauty of its landscapes and the incredible kindness of its people: Ireland! Convinced that the very best way to discover a country, its landscape, culture and people is through hiking she decided to join Hillwalk Tours to share her experience with other travellers.

Pauline is part of the Sales and Customer Support Team and mainly works with English-speaking and French hikers looking for adventures. She particularly enjoys reading the stories of hikers and always doing her best to help them find the perfect trip, even if it does make her slightly envious! She is also in charge of booking the tours and regularly contacts our various suppliers on the trail so that she is now fluent in the Scottish, Irish and English accents!

On her days off, Pauline likes to spend time filling in her bullet journal with adventures, quotes and doodles because being creative means a lot to her. She loves DIY projects and can spend hours personalising Christmas gifts or learning how to make origamis. She also likes to express her creativity through food, often turning all her friends into little guinea pigs to try her experiments! Her mother has always been a wonderful cook, and she feels she is her inspiration. Being a big foodie, she is always up for trying new food and drinks, watching cooking documentaries or simply experimenting with new recipes at home.

The Hillwalk Tour she'd pick Cotswold Way
The tour grading she'd pick Moderate
The item she'd take on a hiking tour A camera 📸