Shauna Cave Hillwalk Tours

Shauna grew up in a small seaside village in County Mayo in Ireland. In fact, our Connemara & West of Ireland hiking route is right on her doorstep! Learning and travelling have always been a passion of Shauna’s and her degree in Global Languages gave her the opportunity to enjoy both. Shauna has spent her college years taking many weekend trips abroad and of course exploring all of the beauty that Ireland has to offer too. During her final year of college she studied in the beautiful city of Granada, immersing herself in the local and regional culture as she worked and enjoyed an Andalusian lifestyle, putting her Spanish language skills to full use. Her time spent living abroad really inspired Shauna as she participated in many organized travel excursions and learned what makes a travel experience something special.

In her role as a Customer Experience Specialist, Shauna goes out of her way to help our customers and always puts their enjoyment at the forefront. She loves to provide advice about our trails and her many years of hospitality experience have given her the skills to deal with almost anything! Shauna loves to promote a healthy outdoors lifestyle and that makes this position all the more enjoyable!

On weekends Shauna is always on the go! She uses her free time to fulfill her need for exploration! She enjoys heading out on the trails, or being by the coast and finishing the day in a nice café. She is an avid photographer and where she goes, the camera must come. She loves music and it is the background to almost everything she does, so you will be sure to find Shauna at a concert too. She loves trying new food and making new recipes, especially food from other countries!

The Hillwalk Tour she'd pick Fife Coastal Path
The tour grading she'd pick Gentle
The item she'd take on a hiking tour A flask of tea!