Shelley O’Riordan Hillwalk Tours

Shelley (AKA Michelle) is from a small village called Ahascragh. Ahascragh‘s claim to fame would probably be the newly built distillery, which is very fitting for a village with five pubs. Shelly has been living in the vibrant city of Galway for the past five years. Initially coming to the city for college to study English and History in what was then known as NUIG, Shelley graduated with an undergraduate degree just as the pandemic hit so decided to leave a part-time college job and started working in sales. Shelley had been working in sales for the past two years and wanted to make a change in life, rather than focusing on targets, and wanting a different work environment. Thus, Shelley found Hillwalk Tours.

Shelley is our Customer Experience Associate here at Hillwalk Tours. Basically, this entails making up the walking packs to send to our customers and answering customer queries about all of our tours. Shelley enjoys getting to be part of the customer experience by putting together the different walking packs and seeing what different adventures our customers get to go on. Shelley loves connecting with customers which makes this role perfect since contacting our customers via email is an integral part of the job.

Shelley loves to socialize, spending a lot of time with friends and family. From fun game nights, to simply going to the cinema, Shelley tends to keep evenings filled with some activity. When the weekend hits, she loves to make the most of them, whether that be going on day trips or away for a night. Her main goal is to enjoy life one day at a time, which of course includes the odd lazy day. She also has a keen interest in folklore and mythology from different cultures. These stories have survived for centuries, and Shelley believes it’s important that they continue to do so. This is probably the reason Shelley’s three-year-old niece received a book of Irish myths and tales rather than something dinosaur-related (which she would probably have preferred). However, Shelley is sure she’ll be thankful one day.  


The Hillwalk Tour she'd pick Speyside Way Whisky Trail
The tour grading she'd pick Gentle
The item she'd take on a hiking tour Sunscreen