Top 4 Irish Pilgrim Walks

Ireland is a country known for religion. Many town and place names have a connection to the religious, and the island is dotted with historical religious sites. One of the [...]

November 26, 2018 by

6 Of The Best Hikes In Ireland

What are some of the best hikes in Ireland? We get asked this question a lot and, as we’re experts in all things hiking, we trust that we can point [...]

June 24, 2018 by

Whale Watching in Ireland

Lying on the very edge of Europe, a tiny island against the might of the wild Atlantic ocean, Ireland is a haven for all things marine. Ireland’s waters were made [...]

June 10, 2018 by

The Islands of Ireland: Part II

We recently brought you a quick rundown of some of the most beautiful islands which are dotted around Ireland’s coastline. Having looked at three of the most famous and popular [...]

June 3, 2018 by

Ireland’s Beaches: 11 Of The Best

1. Dog’s Bay – Galway Dog’s Bay is a beautiful beach located in County Galway. Its crescent shaped sand opens out onto a fantastic sheltered bay. It’s popular with swimmers, [...]

May 27, 2018 by

Ireland’s Islands: Life Off The Coast

Ireland is well known for being a tiny island with a big culture and influence. There are almost 80 million people worldwide that claim to have Irish ancestry. Ireland’s islands [...]

May 18, 2018 by

Mountains in Ireland – 7 of the Highest

Ireland is known for its dramatic and ever-changing landscape. The mountains of Ireland rise above all and provide spectacular viewpoints for the countryside below. Nine out of the ten highest [...]

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