New Walk for 2020 – The Pembrokeshire Coast Path in Wales

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This just in – Hillwalk Tours is delighted to announce that they are now taking bookings for their brand new walk in Wales: The Pembrokeshire Coast Path!

The nearly 100 kilometre (60 mile) route traces the meandering coastline of Pembrokeshire in Southwest Wales in the United Kingdom. The route can be tailor-made to your desires, for it features a number of alternative route options bringing you momentarily inland or seeing you stay completely on the coast for your entire journey. Hillwalk Tours offers a number of hike options to choose from, ranging from their 4-day to 8-day gentle hike options right through to their moderate and challenging versions which complete the entire route in as little as five days for the challenging variant.

Here are some of the stunning sights you’ll take in along the way, with photos to whet your appetite of course.


Barafundle Bay

Near Stackpole Quay, the remote Barafundle Bay curves beautifully into the eastern sunrise each morning. On a warm day it’s worth ducking down and taking a dip at the secluded beach, or if time allows, relaxing in the sunshine as you gaze out across the water. Barafundle Bay is part of the Stackpole Estate and is managed by The National Trust. An interesting fact for history buffs is that the beach was formerly privately owned by the Cawdor family of Stackpole Court. Imagine having this hidden gem as your own private beach all to yourself!

Barafundle Bay.

St Govan’s Chapel

Found perched along the cliffs at St Govan’s Head, the tiny stone chapel (which is only 20 by 12 feet in size) was built right back in the thirteenth century. Historians and archaeologists believe, however, that parts of the chapel date back as far as the 6th century, for it was at this time that the monk Saint Govan resided in a cave at the chapel’s location. Walkers can access the chapel by descending a total of 52 steps down from the top of the cliffs above.

St Govan’s Chapel.

The Green Bridge of Wales

A natural arch which gained its appearance thanks to carboniferous limestone, the Green Bridge of Wales is located well away from civilisation right down on the southern side of the Castlemartin military training area. The stunning formation vaults right out over the ocean, and is a sight to behold both on calm days when the sea laps gently below, as well as on windy days when the waters rage up beneath it.

The Green Bridge of Wales.

Pristine Coastal Tracks

The Pembrokeshire Coast Path boasts unimpeded sea views for the vast majority of your journey. The route is very well waymarked the entire way. The track is also well formed, meaning that it is accessible for walkers of all fitness and experience levels. The ease at which you can travel the coast of Southwest Wales means you can take it all in as fast or as slow as you like. Hillwalk Tours offer a variety of options, meaning that you don’t have to walk the entire route on offer if you instead simply want to hike one segment of it only. Mostly traversing the high cliff tops found along this stretch of sea, you’ll have perfect views of the golden beaches and secluded coves dotting the Welsh coastline. In fact, you’ll pass a total of 54 beaches and 14 harbours on your way!

The Pembrokeshire Coast Path is very well way-marked.

Pembroke Castle

Reminiscent of an old medieval lego set, Pembroke Castle is surely what many would call a ‘proper’ castle. With thick, soaring turrets, stocky ramparts, and surrounded by a wide moat (in fact a lake) on three sides, the fortification must have been absolutely impenetrable back in the day. Located in the town of Pembroke, where you will conclude the full version of the hike, Pembroke Castle is the birthplace of Henry VII. Definitely worth a visit at the conclusion of your walk through Wales.

Pembroke Castle.

Should you be interested in visiting Wales by foot, look no further than Hillwalk Tours and feel free to get in touch to make a booking here.

Pembrokeshire Coast Path
Pembrokeshire Coast Path
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