The West Highland Way – It’s Almost Fully Booked!

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As everyone knows, the West Highland Way is an extremely popular hiking route. The numbers certainly show that as accommodation along the route is filling up fast. In fact, it’s almost completely booked for May 2018 already! The trend seems set to continue throughout the summer months, so if it’s your dream to walk this beautiful and dramatic trail, then now’s the time to book. But why might one even want to walk the West Highland Way?

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The Dramatic Landscapes

The West Highland Way offers pretty much everything in the way of landscapes. Mountains, moors, lochs, rivers and forests are all to be found along the route. Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in all of Britain, stands above Fort William at the end of the West Highland Way.

Loch Lomond is a beautifully picturesque lake along the West Highland Way and also boast the title of third deepest lake in Scotland, and stretches for 35km.

The scenic desolation of Rannoch Moor is something to behold, before the famous descent into Glencoe begins. You won’t want to miss Glencoe, as it is often considered as the most beautiful and awe-inspiring place in Scotland.

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The Friendly Locals

Any stereotypes about Scottish people will be thrown out the window when you walk the West Highland Way. Be prepared to meet some of the most welcoming and warm hosts and interesting locals in the towns along the way.

Some other locals include the famous Highland cattle as well as friendly sheep. You may also catch some glimpses of Scottish wildcats, pine martens, foxes, squirrels and, of course, red deer.

The Unique Culture

Scotland is culturally unique and the more north you go along the West Highland Way, the more authentic it gets. Don’t be surprised to see a kilted man playing the bagpipes, or haggis being served at restaurants and inns along the way.

Many famous poets, such as Robert Burns, have hailed from Scotland as well as world-renowned comedians such as Billy Connolly.

Scotland’s sporting culture sees their national teams compete regularly in soccer and rugby, while having their own national sports such as shinty. Not to mention that Scotland is where golf originated.

The Peaceful Tranquility

Although the West Highland Way is one of the most popular walking routes globally, it is still very possible to find peace and tranquility. The busiest months along the trail are undoubtedly during the summer and even then it’s quite easy to get lost in the solitude of the trail.

The mountains, valleys, lochs and moors ooze magic and mystery, leaving the possibility of getting caught up in your daydreams a big probability.

Glencoe along the West Highland Way

The National Animal of Scotland

A unicorn. It’s a unicorn.

Although a unicorn is a fictitious creature, there is sound reasoning for it being the nation’s national animal. The unicorn is proud, strong and will always fight to remain unconquered – much like Scottish people themselves.

Book fast before all of the accommodation is taken!

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