• Day 1 Arrival in Fort Augustus

    From your point of arrival, use the public transport information we provide to make the journey to Fort Augustus.

  • Day 2 Fort Augustus to Invermoriston

    7.5 or 9.3 Miles / 12 or 15 Km 4-5 Hrs 480/120 Metres

    Today you have two options:

    High Route – 12km / 4-5 hours / 480m

    Low Route – 15km / 4-5 hours / 120m

    Climbing out of Fort Augustus, you soon catch your first glimpse of Loch Ness. Have your camera ready – if you manage to capture a picture of the Loch Ness Monster you could make yourself a lot of money!

  • Day 3 Alltsigh to Drumnadrochit

    11.2 Miles / 18 Km 4-6 Hrs 380 Metres

    Short bus transfer from Invermoriston to Alltsigh in the morning. A steep climb along a forest track soon reveals stunning views over Loch Ness. If you still have enough energy as you approach Drumnadrochit, we recommend a 4km detour to the ruins of Urquhart Castle. Or perhaps a pint of the local brew sounds more appealing?

  • Day 4 Blackfold to Drumnadrochit

    10.6 Miles / 17 Km 4-6 Hrs 120 Metres

    This morning, you will be transferred to a remote location called Blackfold from where you will hike back to the village of Drumnadrochit. Hiking the Great Glen Way in reverse, there is a lovely variety between open moorland and forest paths.

  • Day 5 Blackfold to Inverness

    8.7 Miles / 14 Km 4-5 Hrs 50 Metres

    Transfer from Drumnadrochit to Blackfold in the morning. From here, a peaceful descent along forest paths will lead you all the way down into Inverness. As you reach the outskirts of the city, you will cross over the Caledonian Canal one last time. A gentle hike meaning you’ll have plenty of energy left to explore the attractions of Inverness.

  • Day 6 Departure from Inverness

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