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  • Are you passionate about your job?
  • Does your work environment nurture your talents?
  • Do you feel part of a team working towards a common goal?

The answers to these questions matter. Definitely to me. And probably to you too.

As a manager, if one of my team answers "No" to any of these questions, I need to know what we can do to make things better.

Our business is built on the people who work for us. They are at the heart of everything we do. Without them, who convinces our customers to go hiking with us? Who contacts the B&B owners to ensure all the preparations are in place for a successful walking tour?

By putting our employees' concerns at the centre of what we do, we are confident that success, for the entire Hillwalk Team, will follow.

I can't promise that we have the dream job for you. However, I can promise that we will do our best to ensure that you are happy, motivated and given all the support you need to do your job. Select the 'Current Vacancies' tab above to see what jobs we are currently hiring for.

James Byrne, MD

A well-prepared CV doesn't guarantee you a job interview. However, a poorly-prepared CV almost certainly means you won't be called for interview! Here are some tips to help you create a CV that will catch our attention:

  • Tailor your CV according to the job we are advertising. Highlight any relevant experience or education you have so that we notice it straightaway. 
  • Don't overload your CV with irrelevant information. Focus on providing information that is likely to be of interest to us. 
  • Use a summary section "intro" on your CV to give us a brief idea of your background and key strengths. Make this section very short and strong.
  • Keep the document neat and easy to read. We suggest a font size between 10 and 12 for the body text of your CV. 
  • Sell yourself to us. Take the opportunity to make a positive impression so we have no choice but to call you for interview. 
  • Be honest.

Be Ready: Find out as much as you can about Hillwalk Tours. Who we are, what we sell and what we believe in. Figure out how your strengths and career goals align with ours and why you think you’ll succeed in our company.

Be Proactive: Prepare a list of questions to ask your interviewer(s) so you can assess whether Hillwalk Tours is the right place for you. Ask us about the opportunities we can offer you, the type of work you will be doing and what you can expect from us.

Be Yourself: Most people are nervous before an interview. We really don't mind. It's your ambition, your work ethic and your character that concern us - a few nerves won't put us off.

Be On Time: Arrive at least five minutes early and if you’re running late, do call us and explain your reasons.

Our Core Purpose

The core purpose of Hillwalk Tours, the reason why we exist beyond making a living, is to create travel experiences that make people happy. This purpose informs every decision we make, from looking at how we can improve our walking tours to choosing who to hire to join our team.


Our Core Values

Our core values remind us who we are and what we stand for - we have five of these:

Small Details Are HUGE: Don’t make life hard for yourself, pay attention to detail! It’s quicker and makes things easier for everyone when you get it right the first time.

Fairness is Fundamental: When making a decision, think compassionately, speak with honesty, act with integrity and look to find the best and fairest solution for everyone involved.

Team Spirit Matters: Team spirit is not simply about working together to achieve great results. It’s not about being best pals with everyone. It’s about a sense of community – share in each other’s successes, stick together when times are tough and respect each other always.

Professional, No Matter What: Being professional to us is not about wearing a suit. It’s about being competent at your job, maintaining a positive attitude, displaying good judgement and having the discipline to remain composed, courteous and respectful at all times.

A Can-Do Attitude, Always: Don’t settle for an outcome which you know could be better. Be tenacious – look for another way. Embrace feedback and be open to change, No matter what challenges you face, stay positive.