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Our Core Purpose is WHY we do this. For us, that is simply “Creating Experiences That Make People Happy“.

This of course means creating a great experience for customers from their first interaction with us to their last.

However, it also extends beyond just our customers. It means that for our colleagues, we also want working at Hillwalk Tours to be a happy experience.

Finally, it also includes the many suppliers that we work with to operate our tours and run our business.

We want to make life for all of these people as easy and stress-free as possible so that they can focus on enjoying their holiday or delivering their work to the highest possible level.

This purpose is alive every day in our company. We try to always make decisions that relate back to this purpose and proactively look for feedback on how we can improve and balance the happiness of these three key stakeholders.

Work With Us - Hillwalk Tours Core Values


Want to know what’s it like to work in Hillwalk Tours? Our Core Values represent the culture of the company. They are the HOW we do things. These are deeply held beliefs that guide how we work and allow us to all be on the same page no matter what role we carry out. We actively recruit, appraise, promote and celebrate those that live these values.

Small Details, Big Picture

We take great pride in our work and getting the things that make the difference right. Attention to detail, time management and prioritisation are all essential to the bigger picture.

Fairness is Fundamental

When making a decision, think compassionately, be honest and objective, act with integrity and look to find the best and fairest solution for everyone involved.

Team Spirit Matters

Team spirit is about much more than working together to achieve great results. It’s about a sense of community – helping each other, sharing in each other’s successes, being humble, sticking together when times are tough and respecting each other always.

Professional, No Matter What

Being professional is about being competent at your job, embracing feedback, listening, being open to change and displaying good judgement. Always remain composed, courteous and respectful even when dealing with difficult situations. Be a Hillwalk Tours ambassador when interacting with those inside and outside the company.

A Can-Do Attitude, Always

No matter what challenges you face – stay positive, take responsibility and be flexible. Proactively look for solutions to issues and opportunities to make things better.

Work With Us - Hillwalk Tours


‘Are you passionate about your job? Does your work environment nurture your talents? Do you feel part of a team working towards a common goal? Are you happy at work? The answers to these questions matter. Definitely to me. And probably to you too.

As Head of HR, if an employee answers “No” to any of these questions, I need to know what we can do to make things better. Our business is built on the people who work for us. They are at the heart of everything we do. Without them, who convinces our customers to go hiking with us? Who contacts the B&B owners to ensure all the preparations are in place for a successful walking tour?

By putting our employees’ concerns at the centre of what we do, we are confident that success, for the entire Hillwalk Team, will follow. I can’t promise that we have the dream job for you. However, I can promise that we will do our best to ensure that you are happy, motivated and given all the support you need to do your job.’

Eimear O’Connor

Hillwalk Tours Great Place To Work


♥  Great Places To Work (Tourism & Hospitality Spotlight Series) Award 2020

📍 Galway City, on the beautiful west coast of Ireland!

🌞 Bright friendly office & free parking

🕒 Flexitime

💉 Sick pay

🧘‍♀ Health & wellbeing initiatives

👨‍🏫 Training & development opportunities

👫 Fun company activities

🔥 Discounted walking holidays for employees, family and friends

🚴‍♀ Cycle-to-work scheme

🍏 Fruit, tea, coffee

And much more…