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POSTED BY March 5, 2021

Roman hot springs, Georgian architecture and a rich selection of culture and natural beauty make Bath an ideal travel destination. It is not without good reason that this is the only city in Great Britain that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In this blog post, discover the most beautiful sights, stimulating activities and hidden sides of this pearl of southern England. Here are our Bath top 6 travel tips.

1. Relax in the thermal spring

Bath owes its name and fame to its thermal baths, a legacy from Roman times. When the Romans came to England, they brought their architectural skills with them. They built the famous Roman Baths that you can still marvel at today. Unfortunately, you can no longer take a dip in the water there today.

However, you can instead do this in the ultra-modern and elegant Thermae BathSpa , which uses the same source as its Roman predecessor. The rooftop pool also offers great views of Bath’s rooftops.

2. Discover secret gardens

Bath is home to beautiful gardens and parks. From lordly green spaces to cozy courtyard gardens or communal vegetable patches, they often represent a hidden aspect of the city.

The passionate gardener Helen Hughesdon decided in 2013 to create exclusive tours that open the door to the beauty of these special places for visitors.

3. Time travel with Jane Austen

The most recent film adaptations of Pride and PrejudiceSense and SensibilityEmma etc. with Great Britain’s top actors show the enduring and immense popularity of Jane Austen. In the Jane Austen Center you not only learn everything about the writer’s stay in Bath (1801 to 1806), the interactive exhibition also takes you on a journey through time to England in the 19th century. This is done through costumed guides, film screenings, the tea salon and the opportunity to slip into the typical clothes from Jane Austen’s days.

4. Try Bath buns

Bath buns look back on centuries of history. Allegedly it was Sally Lunns, who fled France to England as a Huguenot, who invented this delicate pastry in 1680. Bath buns are characterized by a milk roll-like dough, topped with raisins and granulated sugar. You can still try handmade buns at Sally Lunn’s bakery today.

Bath buns and tea. Photo: Richard Allaway – license.

5. Hiking in and around Bath

If you want to get to know the area around Bath, you can catch enchanting glimpses of the city on foot. The Bath Skyline Walk is a circular route that meanders around Bath for about 10 km. Despite the proximity to the center, this hike bewitches through quiet and idyllic sections through fields and forests.

If you fancy a longer hike, you can walk on the Cotswold Way which finishes in Bath. This beautiful long-distance hiking trail leads through sandstone-colored villages and open meadows and runs along the Cotswold plateau. What better motivation to complete a 164 km (102 mile) route than the prospect of bathing your feet in thermal water?

Learn more about the Cotswold Way – one of the most popular hiking trails in England!

6. Bath from above

Bath Abbey is one of the most beautiful buildings in Bath. Best of all, you can climb the abbey tower and enjoy a bird’s eye view of Bath from there. 212 steps take you up to the back of the clockwork and finally to the roof of the Abbey. To avoid long lines, it is worth planning this excursion in advance during the week.

Bath Abbey - Cotswold Way
Bath Abbey

We hope that you enjoyed these Bath Travel Tips – if you’ve any further questions or are interested in a Cotwolds hiking tour, just let us know.