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Navigating accommodation options in a foreign country can be daunting. Accommodation selection in Europe comes with more options than in North America for example, and what’s more, as each country within Europe have their own cultures and languages, they can also have their own accommodation types with their own little quirks.

On our walking tours you don’t need to worry about this as we book all your accommodation so you can rest assured that comfortable accommodation has been selected for you in each location on your tour. We take the quality of our tours very seriously at Hillwalk Tours, which is why when booking with us you will find that, most accommodation you will stay in has been personally checked by a member of the Hillwalk Tours team to ensure your comfort, and that we always strive to only work with high-quality and well-reviewed accommodations.

Should we ever run into difficultly booking accommodation for your tour e.g. all our accommodation partners have no availability in a certain location perhaps, we will discuss with you in advance whether you would like us to go ahead and book accommodation that we wouldn’t normally work with in order to fulfil your tour, or we can attempt to book your tour for an alternative date, so as not to compromise the quality of the accommodation on your tour.

At your accommodation, you can expect a warm welcome, en-suite facilities (where available) and a tasty breakfast each morning. The types of accommodation you can be expected to be staying in on our trails include; traditional bed and breakfasts (B&B’s), guesthouses, inns, small boutique hotels, pensiones & casa rurales (for our Camino Frances tours in Spain), and on occasions, some larger hotels chains too. To give you a greater insight into each of these types of accommodation, we have created this handy guide below.

Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs)

The most common accommodation providers we partner with are traditional Bed & Breakfasts (B&B’s). B&Bs are typically small, family run accommodation providers that offer a comfortable room for the night as well as a hearty breakfast in the morning. These are traditionally family homes with the hosts living there permanently too. Hosts are typically very welcoming and eager to share their local knowledge with guests.

B&Bs often have common areas where you can eat breakfast or socialise with other guests or even family members (if you like) and for this reason can be popular with walkers who are looking to meet fellow adventurers or learn about local cultures and family traditions more in-depth. B&Bs are prevalent in rural areas and smaller towns, providing a more intimate experience and a chance to immerse yourself in the local culture, with hosts usually very willing to talk to you about the area and offer their insider knowledge.

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Similar to B&Bs, guesthouses can often be private lodging houses where the hosts welcomes you into their own homes. Guesthouses tend to be typically larger establishments than B&B’s, with B&B’s often having a lower number of guest bedrooms (typically up to a max of 5 bedrooms), while guesthouses have more.

Very often guesthouses are purpose-built or specifically converted to take visitors (country houses etc,), but without the full facilities of a hotel. In certain guesthouses you may find a reception area to check-in, in addition to having employees for cooking & housekeeping duties, duties which the host or family members would do in a smaller B&B.

In summary, a guesthouse is like a mid-way establishment between a B&B, and a small hotel.

ben nevis guesthouse hillwalk tours


An inn usually refers to a pub, typically one in the countryside or a small town or village, which also provides accommodation on-site in a different part of the pub. They usually have a limited number of rooms, often with a distinctive style and character. Furthermore, Inns are typically located in rural or historical areas, and often have a cozy and charming atmosphere. As they are often a pub / restaurant first, other services such as live entertainment can sometimes be found at Inns.

Inns are usually smaller and have fewer rooms than hotels, and although inns are more likely to be family owned / have a personal touch, they differ from B&B’s and guesthouses due to the fact that there is a pub on site. Lastly, although it’s not always the case, Inns can sometimes have their own historical background, meaning that the building itself may have charming period features throughout.

the volunteer inn cotswold way

Small Boutique Hotels

In locations where B&Bs and Guesthouses may not be readily available, to ensure an authentic experience we may opt to have you stay in a small boutique hotel. Typically, these smaller boutique hotels are family-run or non-corporate, meaning that you are offered a more intimate atmosphere than a larger chain hotel. As you might expect, hotels usually offer more amenities such as a reception area, a restaurant and possibly additional facilities like a gym or a spa, than you might find in a B&B or guesthouse.

ceann sibeal hotel hillwalk tours

Larger Hotels

Occasionally, a larger or chain hotel may be the only option in an area. These hotels are usually found in the busier urban and suburban areas or tourist destinations along your trail. These hotels have more rooms than smaller boutique hotels and the rooms also may be more spacious. Although these hotels may not offer the same level of personalised attention and charm as the previously mentioned accommodation types, they make up for it with a wider range of amenities, and you can usually get all your meals in a hotel.

An example of a larger hotel in Scotland - Milngaive Premier Inn

Accommodation in Spain (on the Camino Francés)

If you are planning to walk the Camino Francés pilgrimage trail in Spain, you will mostly be staying in family-owned hotels, boutique pensiones (guesthouses), casas rurales (country cottages) and traditional pazos (manor houses) during your hiking trip.

Family-Owned Hotels

These enchanting hotels offer generous hospitality and a local knowledge that is second to none. With a focus on attention to detail and creating a welcoming, home-like atmosphere, these family-run establishments go above and beyond to take care of their guests’ needs.

albergue de la cason de sarria camino de santiago

Boutique Pensiones

Boutique Pensiones are small independently owned accommodations that focus on providing a unique and stylish experience. With a limited number of rooms, these establishments offer an intimate atmosphere similar to the earlier mentioned guesthouse.

boutique pensiones in spain - pension the way

Casas Rurales

Casa Rurales, or country cottages in English, are rural houses or cottages found in scenic countryside areas. This type of accommodation offers a more authentic experience, closer to nature. Often adorned with rustic and traditional features, the architecture usually blends in with the rural surroundings. Additionally, hosts often provide locally-sourced food and can offer recommendations for outdoor activities and cultural experiences in the surrounding area.

casa roan

Traditional Pazos

Traditional Pazos are manor houses that are unique to the Galicia region of Spain. These are manor houses or noble residences that have been converted into guesthouses. Dating back several centuries these properties often have impressive architecture.

Pazo Xan Xordo  in Lavbacolla, an example of a traditional Pazo in the Gallica region of Spain

Selecting Your Room

At times, it can be tricky to understand some of the terms used when booking accommodation. For example, terms such as “Double” and “Twin” can get confusing. Both mean a room for two people, but which one means that the occupants will have a bed each to themselves, and which means that the occupants will just have one bed to share?

See our handy guide to help you determine which type of room you need to select for your booking – Room Types Explained.

At Hillwalk Tours

Booking the right accommodation on your hiking holiday can be time-consuming and at times, quite stressful. Once you have booked your hiking holiday with Hillwalk Tours, we take complete care of your accommodation needs, so you don’t need to worry about a thing. We also make sure that your luggage is transported to your next accommodation each day while you enjoy your hiking trip. Afterall, our core mission at Hillwalk Tours is to create happy experiences that make people happy!

Prior to your departure, you will be given a list of all the accommodation that you will be staying in during your travels. Upon final payment of your booking, you will receive a digital PDF walking pack containing route notes, accommodation details, options for evening meals and more.

In general, we try to book high quality accommodation that is as close to the trail and local amenities as possible. If you are staying in accommodation where there are no local pubs or restaurants within walking distance, or if you are not staying in accommodation nearby the trail, we will ensure transfers to and from a pub / restaurant is provided as standard, along with transfers which will take you from and back to the trail to resume your hiking. If you are staying in accommodation in a very remote location, we will ensure that your accommodation host will provide you with an evening meal in order to keep you well fed.