Anthony Barrett Hillwalk Tours

Anthony is from County Mayo in the West of Ireland. His entry into the tourism business was immediate with his parents opening a Bed & Breakfast the same year he was born. After years of being wheeled out to play Irish music for unsuspecting guests with his brother and sister, while hearing about the fascinating places they came from in exchange, it probably wasn’t surprising that after completing a degree in business studies, he headed off on a 15 month adventure around the world in search of the best sights, experiences and football stadiums it had to offer. On his homecoming, he sought a return to the tourism industry to help others have truly unforgettable travel experiences and soon after, found the perfect opportunity with a small business selling walking tours in Ireland which would grow up to become Hillwalk Tours.

As Managing Director, Anthony’s role is to ensure Hillwalk Tours stays true to its purpose of “Creating Experiences That Make People Happy” on a daily basis with “People” importantly referring to our customers, suppliers and colleagues. He also signs-off on the finances to ensure the business achieves these goals in a viable manner.

Outside of work, believe it or not, Anthony enjoys hiking and especially organising groups of his family or friends to complete some of our Hillwalk Tours hikes. He also still loves Irish music and now lives in Ennis, County Clare, known as “the traditional Irish music capital of Ireland”. Finally, he enjoys watching all sports with some of his favourite teams to follow being the “cursed” Mayo Gaelic footballers, the not officially cursed (yet) San Francisco 49ers and the Clare Gaelic Hurlers (who were cursed by a witch called Biddy Early but this curse was happily broken in 1995 when they won the All-Ireland Final).

The Hillwalk Tour he'd pick Kerry Way
The tour grading he'd pick Moderate
The item he'd take on a hiking tour Sun Cream 🌞