7 Best Roman Ruins Along Hadrian’s Wall Path

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Hadrian’s Wall is the most northern frontier of the Roman army in Britain. It is a designated World Heritage Site and offers a fantastic insight into life on the Wall.
Take a trip back in history and walk this fantasitc route!

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Roman Ruins

Housesteads Roman Fort

Housesteads is the most preserved fort on Hadrian’s Wall. Perched atop a long, steep slope, it is one of the best places to get a true feel for Roman life.

From the fort there are fantastic panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

The barrack blocks, headquarters and hospital give an insight into what it was like to live there.

Housesteads Roman Ruins

Segedunum Roman Fort

Segedunum Roman Fort housed 600 Roman soldiers during its heyday. It was able to protect the eastern end of the wall and was a symbol of the Roman’s strength for 300 years.

Today, the excavated Roman ruin gives the clearest picture of what life was like on Hadrian’s Wall.

An interactive museum provides a unique experience for visitors. A watchtower also enables them a fantastic view over the World Heritage Site

Corbridge Roman Town

Corbridge town isn’t a ruin, but played an important part in Roman life. Roman soldiers would pick up supplies and provisions from this town.

You can walk through this town and get a real feel for what life was like as a Roman soldier on the Wall. Roman armour and trinkets are all on display here.

Chester’s Roman Fort

Chesters Roman fort is the most complete Roman cavalry fort not just on Hadrian’s Wall, but in Britain.

The fort guarded an important Roman military road over Chester Bridge.

Four main gates, headquarters and the ruins of a commandent’s house are all seen there today.

Chester's Roman Fort

Vindolanda Roman Fort

Live excavations of Vindolanda take place yearly. This is because it’s one of the most important Roman archaeological sites in Europe.

It was a key military position along Hadrian’s Wall – Rome’s most northern frontier in Britain.

Today, the museum gives a glimpse of Roman Britain, Hadrian’s Wall and history all in one place.

Vindolanda Roman Fort on Hadrian's Wall

Roman Army Museum

The Roman Army Museum isn’t a ruin but, similar to Corbridge Town, give a great insight into life in that time.

It is based at Carvoran Roman Fort and is a dramatic tribute to Rome’s military might.

Reconstructions, excavated objects and 3D-generated films take you back in time to what it was like to live on Hadrian’s Wall.

Birdoswald Roman Fort

The longest continuous stretch of Hadrian’s Wall is found at Birdoswald Roman Fort.

A fantastic exhibition contains artefacts, interactive displays and a model of what Hadrian’s Wall was like.

The exhibition allows you to explore this World Heritage Site.

Hadrian's Wall - Birdoswald Roman Fort

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