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POSTED BY April 19, 2021

Cornwall is a place of longing for many. The region in the south-west of England has a lot to offer for hikers and nature lovers. Coastal paths on dramatic cliffs, secluded beaches and cozy gardens invite you to discover Cornwall on foot. And those who love culture and history will also get their money’s worth here. So in this post, we discover why hiking in Cornwall is such a great option.

Walking the Cornwall Coast Path, Hillwalk Tours
Walking the Cornwall Coast Path with Hillwalk Tours

Unique story

Cornwall has a proud history of over 3,000 years of human habitation. The most varied traces of this eventful history can still be found in the landscape today. These include ancient stone monuments, the UNESCO World Heritage Site mines and, last but not least, the workplaces of the famous King Arthur.

On the so-called Arthur Trail you can walk in the footsteps of the legendary ruler and visit his place of birth, his last battlefield and his throne room.

Mines along the South West Coast Path

Lonely beaches and coastal paths

Cornwall is located in the most south-westerly point of England and is surrounded on three sides by the water. Thanks to its geographical location, there is no shortage of enchanting beaches. They say there are over three hundred in total, so you have a good chance of finding a quiet spot for yourself.

Among these beaches are turquoise-blue bays, fine sand and pebble beaches. Porthcurno Beach in the south of the peninsula is famous for the rock formations that frame this place on both sides and make it safe for even children to swim.

The best waves for surfers can be found at Fistral Beach in north Cornwall.

The South West Coast Path leads hikers around the entire peninsula and pampers them with hikes with sea views.

A hiker walks on the South West Coast Path in England. Hillwalk Tours Ltd.
Walking on the South West Coast Path.

Find out more about the South West Coast Path, Cornwall’s most iconic hiking trail.

Fantastic wildlife

Those who move quietly and attentively in nature have the prospect of very special encounters with wild animals in Cornwall. With luck, you can spot marine life such as dolphins and even basking sharks from the land. Rare birds such as puffins, golden eagles and various owls enchant the air. Even different species of reptiles, including snakes, and mammals such as fallow deer, bats and badgers are at home here.

The Cornwall Wildlife Trust publishes detailed lists of animal and plant species and is committed to their preservation.

Wildlife on the South West Coast Path

Arts and Culture

Cornwall is famous for its outdoor stages. Where else in England can you enjoy first-class theater performances in front of dramatic natural landscapes as a backdrop? The most popular open-air theater is The Minack. Close to Land’s End, England’s westernmost town, the theater is right on the coast. The audience sits on stone steps and sees how the sea frames the actors.

The Minack is on the South West Coast Path and the program ranges from musicals to Shakespeare classics.

Land's End - the most western point in Britain. Hillwalk Tours
Land’s End – the most western point in Britain

Delicious specialties

Those who hike a lot deserve to pamper themselves with good food. Cornwall has a whole range of local specialties to offer the hungry walker the mouth watering. Seafood, fish and the popular Cornish pasties (pies from Cornwall) provide energy for further adventure. Cream cakes and homemade ice cream are a welcome snack on the go.

Those who appreciate renowned restaurants will also get their money’s worth in Cornwall. Even Jamie Oliver opened his restaurant Fifteen Cornwall here in the north of the peninsula. There you can not only try a delicious mix of Italian and Cornisher cuisine, but also enjoy the view over the Bay of Watergate.

Seafood on the South West Coast Path

We hope that you enjoyed this guide to why hiking in Cornwall is worth it. If you’re interested in a Cornwall walking holiday, just get in touch.