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POSTED BY November 1, 2021

Everyone knows a nature lover: that Greenpeace aunt, a fanatically recycling roommate or a friend who doesn’t know anything about plastic. Or maybe you are crazy about sustainable products and you want to make someone in your area happy with a green gift? At Hillwalk Tours, we are proud to be nature lover and have created this list to help encourage everyone to buy more eco-friendly gifts this year!

Reusable coffee cup

This is a perfect sustainable gift for the nature lover who cannot live without their morning cup of coffee. A reusable coffee cup can save thousands of paper and plastic cups. That makes it good for the environment, but also a very original and hip gift.

Fabric shopping bag

milieuvriendelijke cadeaus natuurliefhebber canvas tas
Photo: Lisa Paul / CC BY 2.0

Sustainable products do not have to be dull. The canvas bag is not only a trendy accessory in the fashion world, but also a popular object among environmentally conscious shoppers. Choose from the endless prints or make the gift extra personal by decorating a blank bag yourself.

Recycled Gifts

A shower mat made from old slippers, a picture frame from a bicycle chain or a clock made from an LP record – objects made from recycled junk are all the rage. With one of these original, environmentally friendly, gifts you will not only surprise nature lovers. Are you in a creative mood? Then make one of these sustainable products yourself!

A solar charger

Is your nature lover crazy about technology? Surprise him or her with a trendy charger that works on solar energy! Good for the environment, but also a great gadget to impress.

Bamboo cutlery

This is a sustainable gift that anyone can really use; at the campsite, during a walk, or for that salad you brought with you to the office. The great thing about bamboo is that it is easy to clean and lasts a long time. Plastic forks and spoons are immediately replaced by these unique eco-friendly gifts.

(Organic) loose tea

milieuvriendelijke cadeaus natuurliefhebber bladthee
Photo: A Girl With Tea / CC BY 2.0

What many people don’t know is that most tea bags contain plastic. But your nature lover probably knows this. Make him or her happy with (organic!) loose leaf tea and a hip tea flask to get through the cold months.

Organic wine

Environmental enthusiasts also love to party. Organic wine is not difficult to find these days and the benefits are endless: less chemicals, less impact on the environment and – perhaps most importantly! – a less severe hangover!

Soap or shampoo bars

Ever thought about how pointless those big plastic bottles for soap and shampoo are? Your environmentally conscious friend or family member probably will! Just buy an old-fashioned bar of soap or shampoo, without preservatives or packaging. These eco-friendly gifts are also ideal souvenirs – in almost every village someone sells homemade soap made with local ingredients.

Donation to charity

milieuvriendelijke cadeaus natuurliefhebber donatie
Photo: flickrfavorites / CC BY 2.0

Is your nature lover really hardcore and does he or she already have all of the above eco-friendly gifts at home? A sustainable gift that never gets old is a donation in his or her name. It may feel a little impersonal, but if this person is truly committed to a certain cause, then nothing is likely to make them happier.

We hope that you enjoyed this guide to eco-friendly gifts for the nature lover in your life. Hillwalk Tours also offers gift vouchers if you’d like to treat a special person in your life to a self-guided hiking holiday.