How Long Is The Camino de Santiago?

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How Long Is The Camino De Santiago?

Asking ‘how long is the Camino de Santiago?’ is a very ambiguous question, given the fact that there are multiple Camino de Santiago routes.

There are multiple routes that lead to Santiago, with the distances of them listed below:

Camino Frances – 780km

Camino del Norte – 830km

Camino Portugues – 600km

Camino Primitivo – 260km

Via De La Plata – 1,000km

Camino Ingles – 110km


The above distances is the total length of each of the Camino routes. You can, of course, start wherever you want and end wherever you want.

In order to obtain your ‘Compostela’, you must walk at least 100km. Luckily, our longest Camino Frances route covers 160km!

The pilgrim’s office at Santiago releases statistics each month displaying how many people completed the Camino, and where they started from.

How Long Is The Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage?

The minimum pilgrimage you must undertake in order to achieve your Compostela (pilgrim’s certificate) is 100km.

Other than that, the pilgrimage is as long or as short as you want it to be!

How Long Does It Take To Walk The Camino?

To walk the full Camino Frances, it typically takes 30-35 days, walking between 25-27km each day.

Of course, you can go at a more leisurely pace although the terrain on the Camino is relatively flat and easy.

Our longest walks will take you 13 days to complete and allow you to experience the Camino Frances between O Cebreiro and Santiago.

You may want to stop in several towns along the way for a day or two, meaning you can plan to make your Camino longer.

Backpack on the Camino Frances

The Best Time To Walk The Camino

If you’d like to find out more about the best time to walk the Camino, take a look at this blog that we recently wrote.

Typically and logically, the best time to walk the Camino for the weather is during the summer months.

If you’d like a quieter experience along the Camino, spring and autumn are the best times to go.

Why Walk The Camino Frances?

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