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POSTED BY December 9, 2021

Long days with many hours of sunshine, natural areas in full bloom and pleasant weather conditions: summer is perhaps the best season for hiking. To inspire you, we asked five members of our team to share their own favorite summer walks. From Ireland’s mild climate and vibrant villages to England’s archaeological heritage, we hope our 5 favorite summer walks leave you spoilt for choice!

1. Ireland’s only fjord

Who doesn’t love Connemara and the West of Ireland? The stage from Maam Cross to Leenane ticks all the boxes. There is spectacular mountainous terrain, dramatic valleys and scenic lakes. Not to be missed are Mám Éan, a remote pilgrimage site located in the Maumturk Mountains, and Lough Inagh, a picturesque and peaceful lake – the ideal place for a lunch break!

This route is so beautiful for a summer walk because the days are longer and the climate mild. There are also more hours of sunshine to take in the fantastic surroundings. Making the descent to Leenane village with views of Killary Fjord, Ireland’s only fjord is unforgettable. You really feel you are walking through an Ireland of times gone by, through a dramatic landscape that has changed little. It’s no surprise that this area has inspired great writers such as Oscar Wilde and W.B Yeats.

Western Way, Connemara Hillwalk Tours
Connemara – Perfect for a summer walk

2. View of the cliffs

Without a doubt the 14km coastal route from Liscannor to Doolin, along the Cliffs of Moher on the Burren Way is much loved. This is not only a favorite summer hike, but for some it’s an all-time favorite! On the left you have a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean, the Aran Islands and the impressive cliffs. To the right there is a great view over Lahinch beach, the village of Liscannor and the limestone mountains of the Burren.

After the first 2 kilometers of the walk, there is a section where the view of the cliffs extends all the way to Doolin and it’s breath taking. While this part of the coastal walk is beautiful any time of the year – even when it rains – summer is the very best time. The colors of the sea, the cliffs and the grass are so intense that you forget everything else around you.

Cliffs of Moher, Burren Way

3. Archaeological quest

Another favorite summer walk is Hadrian’s Wall Path in Northern England. Here lies a new discovery behind every turn: trenches dug by Roman soldiers, parts of the original wall, remnants of watchtowers and ancient Roman fortresses and camps. The landscape, especially the dramatic gorges and slopes in the middle section, is the ideal setting for this archaeological scavenger hunt.

A standout moment is taking a bend on the path and ending up on a farm built on top of a 1,900-year-old Roman wall, right next to a Roman fort. The Romans called this place Aesica, but today it is known as Great Chesters.

The shapes of buildings and defenses are still clearly visible. In the corner of the camp is an altar dedicated to Jupiter. Hikers have left offerings over the years, especially in the form of coins. It’s hard not to feel a strong connection with the soldiers who had lived and worked here over the centuries, far from home.

In summer there is a higher chance of good weather along Hadrian’s Wall Path. The vegetation along the path is also stronger in the summer months. This protects the underground archaeological treasures from the shoes of walkers.

Roman ruins along Hadrian's Wall path
Chesters Fort Bathhouse, Hadrian’s Wall Path

4. Enjoy live music

An all time favorite summer walk is Ireland ‘s Dingle Way . The route takes you over remote mountainous areas, past fascinating historical sites and through lively villages. And then there are also beautiful, golden beaches – what more could a person want? In the summer the trails are drier and there’s no better place to soak up the true Irish atmosphere and traditional music in the pubs along the route. 

For those who love history and culture, some of the finest archaeological sites in Ireland can be encountered on the Dingle Way. Standing stones, ogham stones and a multitude of beehive huts are the most obvious structures to be spotted en route. If you walk past Killelton Oratory, you will come to a beautiful hidden spot. Here you cross a river by stepping on large, flat stones. The mountainous areas are inspiring and on a clear day the view from Massatiompan is beautiful.

Hiking Dingle Way Hillwalk Tours Ltd.
Slea Head, Dingle Way, Ireland

5. More sheep than people

There are so many great summer walks, but Ireland’s Beara Way is another favorite. The surroundings of the Beara Way are so quiet and untouched – many say it is Ireland’s best kept secret. Another advantage is that you can visit two islands: Bere Island via a ferry or Dursey Island with a very nice cable car.

In the summer months the weather is usually mild and there are many beautiful flowers in bloom. Days are long and light, allowing more time to be outdoors. Not unimportantly, as summer is the busiest, many pubs are open along the Beara Way, which also feature live music.

The strength of the Beara Way lies in the combination of coastal areas and mountains. There is nothing more peaceful than settling into your rhythmic walking pace, enjoying the peace and quiet and encountering more sheep than people during the day!

Beara Way Hillwalk Tours Ltd.
Dursey Island, Beara Way

Do you have a favorite summer walk? We’d love to hear your recommendations. For more information on any of the above hiking tours, just get in touch.