Why hiking for singles is so good

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Hiking could become the trend sport for singles, and not just because it’s so good for fitness. Of course, a thirst for adventure and a love of nature increase the attractiveness. In addition, hikes are also a unique opportunity to meet new people and have a great time together. So in this post, you can find out more about why hiking for singles is so good and what some of the best trails for single hikers are.

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Hiking the South West Coast Path

Why hiking is so good for singles

First of all, it is important to make it clear that the typical “single person” as such does not exist. Behind the collective term for single people are the most diverse individuals with very different needs and backgrounds. While some singles are actively looking for dates and new partners, others consciously enjoy spending time alone with themselves. Some singles have just separated, others have been alone for years, some singles are parents and belong to very different age groups.

But regardless of whether you are looking for a solo adventure or want to make new contacts, hiking tours offer a wide variety of singles fantastic experiences. Why is this?

# 1 – Casual environment

When hiking, people are far removed from the stress and demands of everyday life. The common stage goal connects hikers and you quickly get into conversation about the weather or the nature of the path or the sighting of wild animals. Despite the functional clothing, many hikers put off some emotional “protective layers”. Unlike dates in fancy restaurants, the atmosphere is casual.

# 2 – Solo hikers

In the past, hiking was considered a group sport in which herds of well-equipped, middle-aged nature lovers trudged one behind the other. That has changed radically. More and more young people are rediscovering hiking as an individual sport. In addition to families and couples, there are more and more solo hikers on hiking trails.

Do you like to hike alone? Read our tips for preparing solo hikes.

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Windy Gap, Kerry Way

# 3 – Actions, not words

An excursion into nature is ideal as a date. Some online dating sites even specialize in matching outdoor lovers. But even for those who are just discovering hiking for themselves, a hike is a good choice for a first rendezvous. Instead of giving information about yourself, you can let actions speak for themselves here. When you experience things together, you quickly find out whether you are in harmony and how you can achieve a goal together.

During a romantic picnic, while reading the hiking map or in the rain, you can quickly find out what makes the other person tick, how dominant, cooperative or willing to take risks someone is.

# 4 – Like-minded people

Even those who are not looking for romantic love will generally be surprised by the camaraderie and warmth of the hikers on hiking trails. The enthusiasm for nature is shared among like-minded people. Exposing oneself to the elements and weather conditions also means that cooperation is not only sensible, but also worthwhile. Weather warnings are often passed on orally, tips for the best viewpoints are exchanged and help is offered.

These moments when you help each other, for example when you share water or blister plasters, stay in the memory for a long time. Sometimes this also creates new, long-term friendships.

Louch Tay, Wicklow

# 5 – Beauty and empowerment

Hiking trails often lead to areas of incredible beauty. Steep cliffs, deep forests and majestic mountain ranges form more than a romantic backdrop. They can evoke deep feelings of admiration and peace in people. Hiking is not just a sport, it is a way to be part of this world and to connect with it.

Whether as a solo hiker or in company, nature can be such a fabulous and romantic counterpart. Finding your way and achieving your goal with your own (muscle) power is definitely empowerment. After a breakup, or when reflection is required for other reasons, hiking can be a healing experience.

# 6 – Socializing

Especially on long-distance hiking trails, the conviviality in mountain huts, B&Bs, pubs or simply on picnic areas is incomparable. Anyone who has wandered through nature for hours is happy to find human company afterwards. A common topic of conversation does not have to be looked for long, the enthusiasm for mountains, equipment and the different trails often lead to the fact that you end up in bed later than planned, although the next stage is due early in the morning. The sociability is always worth the missed sleep.

# 7 – Low risk

Rarely do you regret being out in nature. Even if you don’t come across a soul mate on a hike, the risk of wasting your time is relatively small. Breathe fresh air, get moving and get to know a hiking trail is always worthwhile.

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Dursey Island, Beara Way

The best long-distance hiking trails for singles

Camino de Santiago (Spain)

Maybe it’s because of the centuries-old spiritual tradition of the pilgrimage, but the Camino de Santiago is famous for bringing couples together. On various blogs and forums, reports are piling up from people who set off on the Camino de Santiago alone and came back in pairs. Some of these couples even decided to spend their honeymoon hiking the Camino again.

The pilgrimage traditions make it easy for hikers to come into contact on the Camino de Santiago. Be it in the pilgrims’ accommodations, when queuing for the stamp for the pilgrimage certificate or the identification mark: the clam dangling from the backpack.

Walking Tour Camino Frances
Hiking the Camino de Santiago

Dingle Way (Ireland)

According to National Geographic, the Dingle Way is the most beautiful place in the world. The Irish peninsula attracts hikers with routes on miles of sandy beaches and along mountain passes and sea cliffs. Dingle is also known for its excellent restaurants and Irish pubs are world-famous for cosiness, music and “craic” (fun) anyway.

So hiking in Ireland offers singles more than enough opportunities to get in touch with each other. It is also advantageous that the Irish have shaped a culture of great openness and friendliness. You’ll seldom make it out of the pub without having had at least one interesting conversation with a new friend.

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Views on the Dingle Way, Co. Kerry

Haute Route (Switzerland and France)

The Haute Route leads across the Valais Alps from Chamonix to Zermatt. The final stop is the picturesque town in the shadow of the Matterhorn. This hiking route is particularly suitable for singles, as you will meet everyone in the mountain huts in the evening who are also on the Haute Route with you.

If you are looking for adventure, you can add a stage on the Europe Way to the Haute Route. Ropes help in particularly narrow places where the mountain drops steeply. Suspension bridges bring you to the Europa Hut. With so much adrenaline rush, euphoria and feelings of happiness are inevitable.

We hope that you enjoyed this guide to why hiking for singles is so good. If you’re interested in a solo hiking tour, just get in touch.