Wildlife in Scotland

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There is an abundance of impressive wildlife in Scotland: the Scottish wildcat, the highland cow, red deer and red squirrels to name but a few. The vast countryside gives Scottish wildlife the chance to thrive and flourish. Lets take a look at some of the most impressive wildlife in Scotland.

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Wildlife in Scotland

Scottish Wildcat

The Scottish wildcat is one of the most impressive species of wildlife in Scotland  in terms of adaptability and survival. It has survived in Britain (exclusively in Scotland) for half a millennium longer than the British wolf.

The Scottish wildcat is considered to be a super-predator and are most active during dusk and dawn. They are solitary animals and spend much of the year alone, except during mating season.

Domestic cats and Scottish wildcats can be differentiated due to the wildcat appearing more muscular, with rings of black and brown around its tail.

A Scottish wildcat were believed to be very aggressive, however it’s since been noted that they only attack when hunting or feel threatened. The most common victims of a threatened wildcat are generally dogs who chase them.

The pine marten, as documented in our recent Irish wildlife postred fox, red deer and red squirrel can all be seen as part of wildlife in Scotland. The biggest threat to the red squirrel population is the grey squirrel. There is a ‘Scottish Strategy for Red Squirrel Conservation‘ to protect them.

Highland Cow

The Highland Cow is a very popular icon of the wildlife in Scotland and of the Highlands. Their fearsome horns are a direct juxtaposition to their docile nature.

Highland Cattle are often photographed up close, although it’s advise to give any wildlife in Scotland their space, especially when they have young.

The stereotypical image that people have of Highland cows is long, straggly, orange hair, although their hair can also be black, white or red.

The Highland cow uses its horns to forage for food in long grass, and to move snow to enable them to get to food.

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