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POSTED BY December 27, 2021

Icy winds, slippery roads and a lot of precipitation: winter is generally less inviting for walking than summer. That is a shame, because in winter many nature reserves turn into irresistible spectacles. However, those who are cozy at home with a Christmas tree can also enjoy these winter photos of Europe. So, just sit back and enjoy some of our favorite European winter landscapes.

1. The Swiss Alps

The peaks of the Swiss Alps are covered under a layer of snow for much of the year, but in winter this area is truly breathtakingly beautiful. The photo above was taken at the Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland’s largest glacier. Most certainly a favorite winter landscape in Europe.

2. Norway

These traditional red houses seem made for this winter landscape in the north of Norway. Lofoten, an archipelago on the northern coastline of the Scandinavian country, offers numerous similar views. Not a bad place to take winter photos!

3. Hadrian’s Wall

That thin layer of snow makes the winter landscape around Hadrian’s Wall even more attractive. The dramatic rock formations and the lovely English farmland contrast with each other. The red line in the landscape is the foundation of Hadrian’s Wall, which was built here by the Romans. Winter may not be the best time to hike Hadrian’s Wall Path, but it is definitely a good time to take some impressive pictures!

winter pictures winter landscape wall of hadrian hadrian's wall path
Photo: Toa Heftiba / Unsplash

4. Italian Dolomites

Of all the mountain ranges in Europe, the Italian Dolomites are perhaps the most impressive. The steep rock formations of this mountain range are fascinating, both in the summer and during the winter months. What a beautiful winter landscape!

5. Iceland

Perhaps Iceland is one of the most special European winter destinations. Here you will experience a real winter, including a thick layer of snow, unexpected storms and – with a little luck – the magical northern lights. Any winter landscape looks a lot more special under the green lights of the aurora borealis.

6. Tallin

Not every winter landscape has to be a natural landscape. This view over Tallinn’s old town is one of the most beautiful winter photos in the list. The capital of Estonia looks like a fairytale in itself and the layer of snow completes that picture. This perfectly showcases a winter photo in Europe.

7. Germany

This mysterious picture was taken in the south of Germany, not far from the Swiss border. The detached house looks lonely, outlined against a threatening mountain slope full of snow and pine trees. It looks exactly like the setting of one of the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales.

8. Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are still one of the most versatile hiking destinations in Europe. Several popular Scottish hiking routes run through the mountainous nature reserve. Winter photos like this one show why the Highlands are so popular: the rugged mountains, serene lakes and deserted roads will appeal to many hikers.

We hope you enjoyed our Winter Photos of Europe: beautiful winter landscapes. We certainly enjoyed researching them. If you are planning a hiking holiday we would love to hear from you and would be happy to answer any questions.