Hillwalk Tours - Questions

When will my room be available?

Your room will be ready each day from 2pm at the latest and sometimes sooner

What time will my luggage arrive at?

Your luggage will arrive by 2pm each day

What types of breakfasts are available?

A tasty continental breakfast is available every morning

Where can I get a packed lunch? Can I pick this up along the trail?

Packed lunches can often be purchased from your accommodation hosts or a nearby shop or cafe before you start your walk. However, on most days you will pass many shops or cafes along the trail that offer plenty of opportunities to purchase food and drink.

Where can I get an evening meal?

You can generally buy an evening meal in one of the local restaurants, cafes or bars close to your accommodation. If there aren’t any restaurants/cafes/bars in the local area, evening meals can be obtained from your host.

Will there be drying facilities at my accommodation?

You will usually be able to dry your clothes at each accommodation.

What is the difference between kilometres and miles?

1 kilometre = 0.62 miles

1 mile = 1.61 kilometres

Will I have cell phone reception?

Most areas have cell phone reception, even while you are hiking. However, you may pass through some more remote areas where reception will be either limited or unavailable entirely.

Will our accommodation have Wi-Fi connection?

Yes, Wi-Fi is available in most accommodations.

Are the trails clearly way-marked?

Yes, the route is very clearly way-marked with a marker at each turn.

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