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About our Camino de Santiago Tours

What is a self-guided hiking tour?

A self-guided hiking tour gives you the freedom to enjoy the wonderful Spanish countryside at your own pace. Hiking without a guide, we will provide you with all the resources you need to successfully complete the trail alone or in the company of good friends.

We’ll plan your route, transfer your bags and show you all the best places to visit but you decide whether you want that extra hour in bed in the morning!

Do you offer guided hiking tours?

Guided hiking tours are not available from Hillwalk Tours.

When can we start our Hillwalk Tours hiking tour?

You can start your hiking tour on any day of the week between the 1st of March and the 31st of October.

Does a 7-Day tour include 7 days of hiking?

Our 7-Day tours include 5 days of hiking. The first and last days of all our hiking tours are travel days used to transfer to/from the town where your hike will begin/end. If you would like to hike for 7 days, simply select one of our 9-Day tours.

Does a 7-Day tour include 7 nights of accommodation?

Our 7-Day tours include 6 nights of accommodation – specifically the first 6 nights on your hiking tour. Your tour finishes on the seventh day when you check out of your last B&B.

What is a single supplement?

A single supplement is an additional charge for walkers booking single accommodation (a room for one person). The total tour price per person requesting a single room is the price per person plus the single supplement. The supplement covers the extra costs associated with accommodating a single person in their own room.

Can we bring our dog?

It is not possible to bring your dog on Hillwalk Tours' hiking tours. Unfortunately, the majority of our accommodation providers do not accept pets of any kind.

Can we buy bus/train tickets in advance of our trip?

Yes, bus and train tickets can be purchased online in advance of your trip. Once your booking is received, we will send you all the detailed public transport information needed to make your journey as convenient as possible. In addition, specific public transport information is also available on the tour pages of each hiking region. For example, visit our Camino Frances travel information page.

If we arrive by car, where can we park while we are on our hiking tour?

You can generally park at the location where your tour starts in a public or private car-park. If you are bringing your car, please contact us in advance.

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About Luggage Transfers and Accommodation

Will we have to carry our own bags during our hiking tour?

No, on all our Camino de Santiago hiking tours, your luggage will be transported to your next accommodation each day as you walk and will arrive before 2pm. A maximum weight limit of 20 kg per person applies to this luggage transfer service.

What type of accommodation will we be staying in?

You will be staying in family-owned hotels, boutique pensiones (guesthouses), casas rurales (country cottages) and traditional pazos (manor houses) during your hiking trip. To ensure your comfort, each accommodation you will stay in has been personally checked by a member of the Hillwalk Tours team. You can expect a warm welcome, en-suite facilities and a tasty breakfast each morning.

Can we get a list of our accommodation before we leave?

Yes, we normally post out your hiking pack (which includes details of where you will be staying) to your home address at least one month in advance of the start date of your tour. This can be sent sooner upon request.

Will our accommodation be close to the local town/village?

In general, we try to book accommodation which is as close to the local amenities as possible. If you are staying in a remote location (where access to local bars/restaurants is not feasible), the owner of the accommodation that you are staying at will ensure that you are well fed.

What is the difference between a ‘twin’ and a ‘double’ room?

A ‘twin’ room is a room for two people with two separate beds. A ‘double’ room has just one large bed (for two people).

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About Your Hiking Pack

What’s included in my hiking pack?

  • Official Camino de Santiago Credencial del Peregrino (Pilgrim's Passport)
  • Route notes (prepared by a member the Hillwalk Tours team who has walked every step of your tour)
  • Detailed hiking map(s)
  • Waterproof map-case
  • A sneak-peak at where you will be staying
  • Our tips on the most interesting attractions to visit along the trail
  • A look at fascinating local history
  • A guide to the best places to eat and drink
  • Mountain safety information, emergency contact details & the country code

What is the Credencial del Peregrino (Pilgrim's Passport)?

The Credencial del Peregrino or Pilgrim's Passport is a small booklet that allows you to document your progress along the Camino by collecting stamps or sellos from many accommodations, cafes, shops, churches, etc. on the route. If your itinerary covers at least the last 100km of the walk to Santiago, the Credencial (stamped at least twice per day) will serve as the necessary proof required to obtain your Compostela (the certificate of completion of the Camino offered by the Pilgrim’s Office in Santiago).

Do you provide GPS co-ordinates?

We have purposely decided to steer clear of GPS for the most part as we are trying to keep the walks as true to nature as possible (i.e. just get out in the fresh air with a pair of boots and leave all that modern technology behind). However, we do provide GPS coordinates for each of the accommodations at which you will be staying. 

How many hiking packs are provided?

One hiking pack will be provided per four people. Therefore, for a group of 1 - 4 people, one hiking pack will be sent. For 5 - 8 people, two hiking packs will be sent, etc. 

What language will my hiking pack be in?

The contents of your hiking pack (route notes, accommodation information, history, etc.) will all be in English.

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About Fitness Levels

How fit do we need to be to take a hiking tour?

We believe that the Camino de Santiago should be enjoyed by everyone. With this in mind, we designed our hiking tours to cater for practically all levels of fitness. Our range of ‘Gentle’, ‘Moderate’ and ‘Challenging’ hikes in most regions allows you to decide how far you wish to walk each day. So, whether you are a novice walker or an experienced hiker, we have the tour to suit you.

What is the difference between Gentle, Moderate and Challenging Hiking Tours?

The difference between these tours is the distance that you will hike each day. Our ‘Gentle’ Camino de Santiago tours cover an average of 10-14 km (6-9 miles) per day, our ‘Moderate’ tours cover an average of 17-20 km (11-12 miles) per day and our ‘Challenging’ tours cover an average of 23-29 km (14-18 miles) per day. For a more detailed breakdown of how we grade our hiking tours, click here.

Can we take a rest day?

Yes, we are more than happy to organise an additional night for you anywhere you please. Suggestions on interesting places to take a rest day are available on the tour pages of each hiking region. For example, visit our Camino de Santiago Extra Days/Activities page.

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About Money, Flights and Insurance

Will there be ATM/Credit Card facilities along the hiking route?

ATM facilities are available in many of the towns along the route. Credit cards are also accepted by many bars and restaurants. However, we suggest that you also bring a reasonable sum of cash as a back-up.

Do they use the Euro in Spain?

The currency used in Spain is the Euro (€).

Are flights and transport to the start of our hiking tour included?

Flights and transport to the start of your hiking tour are not included in our prices. However, we do provide detailed timetables on how to make it to the start of your hike by public transport on our tour pages. For example, visit our Camino Frances Travel Info page.

Do I need to buy insurance?

Hillwalk Tours strongly encourages you to take out adequate insurance cover prior to travel.

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