• Day 1 Arrival in Corbridge

    From your point of arrival, use the public transport information we provide to make the journey to Corbridge.

  • Day 2 Corbridge to Chollerford

    10.6 Miles / 17 Km 4-6 Hrs 100 Metres

    You walk starts near the Port Gate, where the main Roman road into the North of Britain used to pass through Hadrian’s Wall. Following the gentle curves of the defensive Roman earthworks south of the Wall the trail brings you to the Heavenfield battle site, where Oswald, king of Northumbria, won a famous victory in 734. The day comes to an exciting conclusion at Chollerford, with its Roman bridge and the fascinating Roman fort of Chesters.

  • Day 3 Chollerford to Once Brewed

    13 Miles / 21 Km 5-7 Hrs 450 Metres

    Through the Northumberland National Park you reach a Roman temple at the Fort of Brocolitia. After passing more castles and turrets you suddenly find yourself walking along some of the most spectacular and best-preserved sections of Hadrian’s Wall, which snake up and down along the top of the Northumberland Crags. Make sure to visit the superbly preserved Fort at Housesteads.

  • Day 4 Once Brewed to Gilsland

    8.7 Miles / 14 Km 4-6 Hrs 400 Metres

    Today you start with an exciting bit of walking to the highest point of the walk at Green Slacks. After visiting the ‘Robin Hood Tree’ at Sycamore Gap and Great Chesters Fort with its original Roman altar you return to the top of the Crags for some more exciting and well-preserved Wall sections. Soon after passing Thirlwall castle you come to the village of Gilsland, your stop for today.

  • Day 5 Gilsland to Newtown

    9.3 Miles / 15 Km 3-5 Hrs 200 Metres

    The Wall guides you to the remains of a Roman bridge across the River Irthing, past a Roman Milecastle and on towards the Fort of Birdoswald, which was inhabited for 2,000 years. From there we follow the Wall through a much gentler landscape and pass Lanercost Priory, once the capital of England for six months.

  • Day 6 Newtown to Carlisle

    8.1 Miles / 13 Km 3-5 Hrs 100 Metres

    Follow the Wall through fields and old bridleways until you join the River Eden at the charming village of Crosby-on-Eden. You follow the quiet river for a while on your way to the 2,000 year old, historic city of Carlisle. There is much to see in Carlisle, such as the famous castle or the Tully Museum, with its Roman artefacts.

  • Day 7 Departure from Carlisle

    There are regular train and bus services from Carlisle to Newcastle, Manchester and London. Full details provided upon booking.

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