South West Coast Path Walking Tour: Wheal Coates in England.

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Our South West Coast Path tours focus on the most spectacular section of the trail from Padstow to Penzance along the south-west coast of Cornwall.

Why go walking on the South West Coast Path?

  • Experience the beautiful and dramatic Atlantic coastline of west Cornwall and follow part of the longest and most spectacular National Trail in the UK around Lands End - the most westerly tip of Britain.
  • Walk over miles of fine, sandy beaches, through secluded coves and along remote clifftops while looking out for seals, basking sharks, dolphins and maybe even orcas and minke whales.
  • Enjoy fresh Cornish fish, Cornish pasties and Cornish ice-cream and discover Cornish place names (‘Zawn a Bal’, anyone?) as you visit quiet villages in one of the 'Celtic Nations’.