• Day 1 Arrival in Amroth

    From your point of arrival, use the public transport information we provide to make the journey to Amroth.

  • Day 2 Amroth - Lydstep

    12.4 Miles / 20 Km 6-8 Hrs 650 Metres

    Today’s hike offers varied and beautiful scenery, and the first few kilometres are relatively easy as the trail alternates between the shoreline, woodland and cliff top. Once past the little seaside resort of Saundersfoot, the trail follows grassy cliff top paths and wooded valleys to Tenby offering some ups and downs, before coming down from the cliffs again to the golden sands of the charming little seaside town of Tenby. Passing the last of Tenby’s golden sand beaches, the trail climbs back up to the cliff tops and then follows a relatively easy, grassy paths along the limestone cliffs towards Skrinkle Haven, revealing more small signs of industrialisation from centuries past, which once gave this coastline such a different character. Heading towards Lydstep, keep an eye out for the remains of an old limestone kiln to your left and then an impressive and steep-sided blow hole to your right, before you descend towards Lydstep beach.

  • Day 3 Lydstep - Bosherston

    13 Miles / 21 Km 7-9 Hrs 670 Metres

    From Lydstep, the trail climbs back up to the cliff tops and continues to Skrinkle Haven. The path begins to feel more rugged and there are more ups and downs as the trail leads around some more military buildings and back to the cliff edge to continue towards Manorbier Beach. From the beach, with the impressive Manorbier castle just visible to the right, the trail quickly regains the cliff tops. There is plenty of cliff top scenery and make sure to keep an eye out for the impressive strata, ridges and fissures in the sandstone cliffs, with a range of colours. The trail continues along the sand dunes at the back of Freshwater East, before climbing once again to the clifftops towards Stackpole and the lovely Barafundle beach. From Barafundle the trail climbs once again to the top of the cliffs and continues along Stackpole Head before dropping down again to the beach at Broadhaven. From there the trail provides two options to Bosherston, a shorter option via the famous Lily Ponds or a longer options along the cliffs and to St. Govan’s chapel, hidden below the cliffs.

  • Day 4 Bosherston - Freshwater West

    9.9 Miles / 16 Km 4-6 Hrs 180 Metres

    Today’s hike passes the Castlemartin firing range, and there are therefore two options, the inland route or the coastal route, depending on wether the firing range is open to the public. If the range is open, then the coastal route will lead along an easy trail past St. Govan’s chapel and across the flat clifftops towards the famous geological features of the Elegug stacks, where seals can usually be found swimming, and the Green Bridge of Wales natural arch, before heading inland towards Castlemartin.

    If the range is closed, the trail leads inland from Bosherston and skirts the edges of the firing range and through farmlands towards Castlemartin.

    The two trails meet each other just past the Merrion barracks and continue to Castlemartin and then on to the golden sands and expansive views of Freshwater West. From Freshwater West, a transfer brings you to your accommodation.

    The Castlemartin military firing range is generally closed on weekdays (and thus the alternative inland route must be used) and open on the weekend (although it’s not guaranteed to be open at the weekend)
  • Day 5 Freshwater West - Angle

    8.7 Miles / 14 Km 4-6 Hrs 400 Metres

    A transfer back to Freshwater West this morning. Leaving the golden sands of Freshwater West behind, the trail feels rugged and remote as it follows the cliff edge all the way to Angle. There are several steep but short ups and downs along this stretch of the trail and some interesting signs of industry and watch towers. As the trail winds its way around the headland towards West Angle beach, more signs of industry become visible, across the deep harbour of Milford Haven. From Angle beach the last few kilometres take you around Angle, passing the military Chapel Fort and museum before returning to the village via the Old Point house Inn.

    This hike is considered a demanding stretch of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, without shortcuts until you reach West Angle beach.
  • Day 6 Angle - Pembroke

    11.8 Miles / 19 Km 5-7 Hrs 320 Metres

    The steep ups and downs are behind you now as the trail leads out of Angle and the tall chimneys of the oil refinery dominate the skyline ahead. Although today’s walk definitely has a more industrial feel as you walk towards Pembroke, the trail is actually quite remote as it leads through farmlands and forestry, offering some lovely and interesting views across Milford Haven. The remains of old lime kilns and military forts are spotted occasionally and the last part of the walk leads through the suburbs of Pembroke towards the impressive and majestic Pembroke Castle.

  • Day 7 Departure from Pembroke

    There are regular train and bus services from Pembroke to Cardiff and other destinations in the UK.

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