8+ Reasons Not To Visit Ireland

March 23, 2017 by
Alex hiking in Connemara
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Reasons Not To Visit Ireland

We recently wrote a post on reasons to visit Ireland, but now we’ve changed our minds. You should definitely not visit Ireland, and you’ll see why in this post.

It’s A Country Devoid Of Colour

Reasons Not To Visit Ireland - It's a country devoid of colour

With No History At All

There's not history in Ireland - one reasons not to visit Ireland

The Scenery Is Rubbish!

The scenery in Ireland is rubbish - one of many reasons not to visit Ireland

And The Locals Have No Sense Of Humour…

The locals in Ireland have no sense of humour

It’s Far Too Built-Up and Overpopulated

Reasons not to visit ireland - it's too overpopulated

There’s nothing special about its geology at all

The Giant's Causeway - yet another reasons not to visit Ireland

Horses?…On The Sheep’s Head Way?…

There are actually horses on the Sheep's Head Way

The Cliffs Are Nothing Spectacular

The cliffs are fairly small - one reason not to visit Ireland

Ok – maybe it’s not so bad after all 🙂

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