The Beara Way – 6 Must Visit Attractions

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The Beara Peninsula is one of the most beautiful and remote walking regions in Ireland. It offers astounding scenery and serenity while giving an authentically Irish experience. In this post, we look at some of the best Beara Way attractions. These can all be found along the route in addition to the unforgettable views. 

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Garinish Island – Glengarriff

Garinish Island is located in Bantry Bay, in the harbour of Glengarriff. The island can be reached by taking a small ferry from the pier in Glengarriff village.

Garinish is known for its abundance of flowers, trees and shrubs which change dramatically with the seasons.

It almost has a sub-tropical climate due to the Gulf Stream.

The waters surrounding Garinish have wildlife aplenty, with seals often seen sunbathing on the rocks.

Kayaking in Glengarriff harbour and around the island is a popular pastime in the area.

Garden on Garinish Island on the Beara Way

A garden on Garinish Island

Bere Island Heritage Centre – Bere Island

The population of Bere Island dropped by roughly 90% following the Great Famine of 1845-1852.

The tiny island – 11km x 5km – now has a population of just 210.

The Bere Island Heritage Centre focuses on the conservation of its unique heritage.

The Bere Island Experience Exhibitions details the lifestyle and history of the island.

You can find more info on their Facebook page.

Bere Island Heritage Centre

Bere Island Heritage Centre

Allihies Copper Mines Museum – Allihies

A rich vein of copper was discovered at Allihies in 1812.

This led to the Puxley family establishing a company, bringing the Industrial Revolution to one of the most remote regions of Ireland.

A Methodist church was used to service miners brought to the area by the work, and this is now the site of the museum.

It tells the life, history and stories behind the miners who lived and worked here, through the use of interactive technologies.

There is a very vibrant art community on the Beara Peninsula, and local artwork is also displayed at the museum.

Copper Mine at Allihies

The former copper mine at Allihies

Dereen Gardens – Lauragh

The Dereen Gardens were planted in the late 1800s. You can walk amongst New Zealand ferns and red cedars whilst spotting some seals down by the shore.

Towering rhododendrons can be found here, with new planting continuously ongoing.

Relaxing ponds have been created to add to the serene atmosphere of the gardens.

There are fantastic views from Dereen Gardens, across to the Caha Mountains and Kilmackillogue Harbour.

Dereen Gardens are located about 800m off the Beara Way in the village of Lauragh. Its definitely worth the small detour to see it.

Dereen Gardens on the Beara Way

Dereen Gardens on the Beara Way

Kenmare Heritage Centre – Kenmare

Kenmare as we know it today was established around 1670 by Sir William Petty.

The Kenmare Heritage Centre covers a wide range of topics: its history, historical sites, past landlords, the famine, famous visitors and much more.

Audio tours can also be taken at the Heritage Centre, adding an extra dimension to your trip to Kenmare.

Kenmare Town

Lorge Chocolatier – Bunane

Lorge Chocolatier is in the centre of Bunane village and is a fantastic stop-off during your walk.

Originally from France, Benoit Lorge handcrafts chocolates following traditionally French methods.

Benoit also runs courses for aspiring chocolatiers and imparts his wisdom to them.

Lorge Chocolatier on the Beara Way

Lorge Chocolatier on the Beara Way / Credit : Alison Events

We hope that you enjoyed this guide to The Beara Way – 6 Must Visit Attractions.

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