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POSTED BY November 26, 2021

How could we not cover Belfast’s top 10 sights! A mountain with unforgettable views, a museum dedicated to the Titanic and murals reminiscent of a tumultuous history – Belfast has a surprising number of attractions worth checking out. Don’t miss our picks of the best sights to visit in Belfast!

1. Walls of peace

To kick off our Belfast’s top 10 sights we had to recommend the Walls of Peace. The hectic history of the Northern Ireland capital can still be felt in the outskirts of Belfast. From the 1960s to the late 1990s, the city was involved in a fierce conflict between Catholic and mainly Protestant residents. The walls built between Catholic and Protestant residential areas are a reminder of this time.

The Peace Walls are largely painted with works of art and form a special sight. The best way to visit this part of Belfast is on a “black cab tour”, where a taxi driver takes visitors to key locations and tells about the history of the city.

2. Ulster Museum

Dinosaur skeletons, Egyptian mummies and a piece of a meteorite: the Ulster Museum has a great collection of objects related to history, nature and art. This (free!) museum contains a large number of international artifacts, but also focuses on the local history of Northern Ireland. This is the perfect place to explore when it rains in Belfast!

Ulster Museum

3. Belfast City Hall

This iconic building in the heart of the Northern Ireland capital is an integral part of Belfast’s top attractions. Not only does the grand city hall look impressive, but a guided tour also helps visitors learn all about the history of Belfast. Free guided tours of this fascinating monument are offered almost every day of the year.

4. Cave Hill

One of the best views of Belfast can be had from Cave Hill, a rocky mountain that overlooks the city. It is the ideal place for a stroll away from the busy streets of the city center. The idyllically situated Belfast Castle is also located in this area and is an excellent location for a rest break.

Credit: www.walkni.com

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5. St. Anne’s Cathedral

St. Anne’s Cathedral is one of the most beautiful monuments in the Northern Ireland capital. Construction began at the end of the nineteenth century and was completed in 1904. Since 2007, a high metal spire has been attached to the church, which provides light at night.

6. Titanic Museum

Belfast’s top 10 sights wouldn’t be complete without highlighting the Titanic Museum. This is one of Belfast’s newest and best visitor attractions. This extensive museum tells of the construction and dramatic demise of the Titanic, the luxury ship that was built in Belfast. Visitors can also take a look at the SS Nomadic, a more than one hundred year old ship belonging to the same shipping company as the Titanic.

7. Bittles Bar

Those who fancy a drink can go to Bittles Bar. This entertainment venue has quite a reputation in Belfast. Housed in a narrow building, the quintessentially Irish pub is filled with local memorabilia. With an extensive range of beer, whiskey and gin, this is the perfect place for an evening among the locals.

8. MAC

Many of Belfast’s attractions have an emphasis on the city’s history. At the Metropolitan Arts Center (MAC), visitors see that Belfast also has a promising future. The art museum has changing exhibitions of modern art, a variety of live events and workshops. The museum is known for the often experimental works on display.

9. Botanical Gardens

When the weather is nice in Belfast, there is hardly a better place to visit than the Botanic Gardens. These colorful gardens have been around since the early nineteenth century. The Victorian Palm House, a large glass conservatory, features a variety of tropical plants and trees and several walking routes pass through the gardens.

Credit: Aidy McGlynn

10. St. George’s Market

Last but by no means least is St George’s Market. Since 1604, a market has been held on Fridays where St. George’s Market still takes place every weekend. The enclosure of the market hall dates back to the nineteenth century, making it one of the oldest attractions of our Belfast top 10. On Fridays, local products such as fresh fish and fruit are sold.

This pick from our top Belfast sights list is great for mixing with the locals. On Saturdays and Sundays there are food stalls and craft stalls with a wide variety of goods for sale. Stroll the atmospheric market, chat with local vendors and enjoy the live music played every weekend.

When you visit this vibrant city, we hope our Belfast’s top 10 sights guide gives you plenty to do. Do you have other suggestions that you think people should know about? We’d love to hear from you! For more information on hiking in Northern Ireland, just get in touch.

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