Most Popular Time To Walk The Camino

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Want to know when the most popular time to walk the Camino de Santiago is? Here are the 2017 figures on walkers numbers to help you plan your dream trip.

Here are the exact figures by month for Camino pilgrims in 2017:

  • January: 1,355
  • February: 1,696
  • March: 5,176
  • April: 26,925
  • May: 35,346
  • June: 41,619
  • July: 47,470
  • August: 57,680
  • September: 42,189
  • October: 31,341
  • November: 7,346
  • December: 2,893

These figures represent the overall number of pilgrims in 2017 as reported by the Pilgrim Office Santiago de Compostela. Take a look at our infographic to see a breakdown of the most popular routes and the vast variety of different pilgrims!

Infographic breaking down the Camino pilgrims by numbers

We hope that you found this guide to the Most Popular Time To Walk The Camino useful. If you’re interested in walking the Way of St James yourself, check out our range of self-guided Camino walking tours.