How Far In Advance To Book A Hiking Tour?

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Alex hiking in Connemara
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It’s a good idea to book early for any holiday that you’re planning, especially a self-guided hiking tour. It’s something that we always recommend to our customers as trails and B&Bs get busier as the year goes on.

It’s a very good idea to book towards the end of one year for your hiking tour the next – take a look below at some of the reasons why!

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The Camino

Reasons to Book Early

Availability of B&Bs

B&Bs along hiking routes get very busy, very fast.

This is not only because of the popularity of the hiking routes, but also the popularity of the hiking regions.

This means that non-hikers also stay in these B&Bs, providing less availability for hikers.

Trails like the West Highland Way, Dingle Way, Hadrian’s Wall Path and South West Coast Path can start to get fully booked before the end of year for the next walking season.

A relaxing bench on the West Highland Way

Availability of Dates

While you can book a Hillwalk Tour for any dates of your choosing between the months of March and October, availability isn’t always guaranteed.

To avoid lack of availability, it’s best to book early to ensure that we can get your B&Bs booked for your chosen dates.

Booking your hiking tour earlier also means that you flights for those dates will more likely be cheaper.

Quicker Confirmation of Tours

Another positive of booking your tour early means that we can confirm your tour much quicker.

This is because we can contact the B&Bs early and ensure that they have your availability.

Hadrian's wall path hiking images

Pre-Planning Pays Off

Pre-planning and book your holiday early really does pay off for you.

It means that you will have nothing to worry about closer to our holiday, and just focus on enjoying your hike.

The thoughts of an upcoming holiday can add to the overall experience, adding anticipation and excitement. Just one more reason to book your tour early!

Statue facing towards Santiago on the Camino de Santiago

Christmas Just Around The Corner?

Hiking tours make fantastic Christmas presents. With Christmas just around the corner, what better time to book a holiday!

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The Camino