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POSTED BY April 1, 2021

Looking for an accessible long-distance walk in England brimming with historical heritage, fantastic scenery and memorable encounters? Then the path along Hadrian’s Wall in Northern England is the perfect destination for you and these videos will show why!

Sycamore Gap on Hadrian's Wall
Sycamore Gap on Hadrian’s Wall

Prepare to daydream

To give you a glimpse of the unique Roman ruins and natural landscapes along Hadrian’s Wall Path, we share our favorite drone videos, informative Hadrian’s Wall videos and beautiful time lapse creations below.

Daydream about at the dramatic cliffs, Roman fortresses, rolling hills and picturesque villages of the border country between England and Scotland. Get inspired by this unique destination and get ideas for your unforgettable hiking trip along Hadrian’s Wall!

Hadrian’s Wall Informational Video

A short film with fascinating background information and fun facts about the history of the area as well as some amazing images of Hadrian’s Wall. Learning about the history of this famous wall and it’s builders makes viewing it’s modern day remains even more impressive.

Hadrian’s Wall 360 Degree Views

This video shows the famous Roman fort of Housesteads in 360 degrees. This makes it seem like you are in the middle of the landscape! Explore the beautiful views of Hadrian’s Wall and the well-preserved ruins of Housesteads. Use your mouse to look around as historian Roy Lawson shares his knowledge of this fascinating place.

Hadrian’s Wall Path Travel Video

This travel video is a must-see for those who want to get an impression of a walking tour along Hadrian’s Wall. The makers give a perfect taste of the atmosphere along the route. Green landscapes full of sheep, the endless remains of the Roman wall, traditional pub food and the occasional cow barricading the road. Enough to get us excited!

Northumberland Time-Lapse Video

A breathtaking starry sky can be seen in this video, shot at various locations in Northumberland National Park. A number of stunning views, including sites along Hadrian’s Wall, are captured here at night. These fantastic time-lapse videos are magical and dream like. Usually, Hadrian’s Wall is mainly shown in sunlight, which makes this star video extra special!

Hadrian’s Wall Drone Footage

Who doesn’t like drone videos? These beautiful aerial views of Hadrian’s Wall Path, both with and without snow cover, provide a clear picture of the dramatic landscape around Whin Sill. The steep rocks in this area were created nearly 300 million years ago through a geological collaboration of sedimentary rock layers and magma. One of the absolute highlights along Hadrian’s Wall, displayed in an amazing way!


One of the most beautiful places along Hadrian’s Wall is the archeological site of Vindolanda. This drone video shows how big and impressive this Roman heritage site really is. With a view of the well-preserved foundations of the fortress and settlement, it’s not hard to imagine what life was like when this place was inhabited by Romans.

Abandoned Wall

This final short film of an abandoned Hadrian’s Wall was also made with a drone. The imposing cliffs and extensive meadows are a bit mysterious, almost hypnotic. Without people in the shots, the surroundings look extra impressive from a bird’s eye view.

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