6 Ideas for Irish Gifts

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Alex hiking in Connemara
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Authentic Irish gifts are the ideal souvenir to bring back after a trip to Ireland. Whether it’s Celtic jewellery, an Aran sweater or simply a Guinness-related gift – it’s always nice to have a memento. If you’re a seasoned traveller and tend to have gifts from all over the world, it’s also important to know where each gift came from. What better way to do this than get something that is so obviously and stereotypically Irish? If you’re not sure if these are suitable, you can always opt for the gift of a hiking holiday in Ireland using a Hillwalk Tours gift voucher which is valid for 5 years.

Aran Sweaters

Providing protection and warmth for the hardy fishermen of the Aran Islands, these sweaters have become a world renowned symbol of Ireland. The intricate stitching details are not random either. They represent different clans and have been passed down from generation to generation. With incredible absorption, warming and wicking qualities, the Aran sweaters became an integral part of life on the Aran Islands. These can be visited as part of the West of Ireland and Connemara tours. Minute details are put into every sweater, meaning that it can take a knitter up to sixty day to complete a single one.

An Aran Sweater - one of many authentic Irish gifts

Waterford Crystal

In 1783, William and George Penrose established a glass manufacturing factory in Waterford. Initially employing between 50 to 70 master craftsmen and glassblowers, Waterford Crystal is still exported all over the world today. With unique glass cutting techniques, and a clarity provided by a post-cut polish, there are many different varieties of these Irish gifts that anyone would appreciate.

A Waterford Crystal bowl

Why is Waterford Crystal so unique? Pure Irish spring water and specialist cutting and blowing methods make it one of the most renowned glassware worldwide.


St. Patrick allegedly used shamrocks to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity while Christianising Ireland. As St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, the shamrock inherently became associated as the national symbol. The shamrock is worn all over the world on St. Patrick’s day and so is a perfect Irish gift or memento to bring back from your hiking trip.

A bunch of shamrocks

Bog Wood

Bogwood is probably one of the lesser known Irish gifts, yet easily one of the most interesting and raw. This wood was formed over thousands of years as forests of oak, yew and pine were gradually covered by peat and a chemical reaction took place. This reaction changes the colour of the wood and provides great inspiration for many artists and sculptors to work with. The Wicklow Mountains is covered in blanket bog, making it the perfect environment to find bogwood

A bog oak table



Guinness! Just anything Guinness related.

A line of Guinness pints

Celtic Jewellery

Irish jewellery is very popular because of its Celtic design. The Tara Brooch is one of the earliest and most famous examples of this – a perfect (yet slightly expensive) authentic Irish gift

The Tara Brooch