Outlander – Where Is It Filmed?

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TV shows set in times gone by have been incredibly popular in recent years. Downtown Abbey, Game of Thrones and Vikings are just some of the names that spring to mind. While Outlander falls into that category too, it certainly puts its own spin on things. A World War II nurse, visiting Scotland with her husband in 1945, suddenly finds herself transported back to 1743. Love interests, adventure, action, and more contribute to an enthralling and unique tale set in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland. The TV Series is based on the book of the same name by Diana Gabaldon.

Here, we take a look at some of the real life filming locations that were used during production of Outlander.


The opening credits of Outlander show scenic shots of Glencoe, given that it’s one of the most beautiful places in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Mountains and valleys galore (‘Glen’ means ‘narrow valley’ in Scottish Gaelic), the area is perfect for adventurers and outdoors activities of all types. Glencoe is part of the West Highland Way, on the way to the famous Devil’s Staircase.

Mountain at Glencoe along the West Highland Way - one of the best hikes in Europe

Rannoch Moor

Rannoch Moor is one of the most important locations in Outlander. It is here that Claire and her husband spend their honeymoon, before Claire gets transported back in time. A moor is a large area of uncultivated land, lending a hand to the imagination when picturing this vast and untamed landscape.

If you wish to cross this mysterious moor, the leg of the West Highland Way between Inveroran and Kingshouse allows you to do this.

Doune Castle

In Outlander, the MacKenzie inhabits Doune Castle in the 18th century – although in the series it named Castle Leoch. In contrast, the 20th century castle is in ruins when Claire and Frank visit it on their honeymoon. The castle offers beautiful views of the surrounding countryside, on the banks of the River Forth and on the edge of the Highlands.

Credit: Jaime Gonzalez / Flickr

Drummond Castle Gardens

Interestingly, Drummond Castle Gardens were used as a French location in Outlander – Versailles. Given that the Palace of Versailles is incredible famous for its beauty, it’s a testament to Drummond’s own beauty. Drummond Castle Gardens is considered one of the most picturesque Baroque gardens in Europe.

Loch Katrine

Loch Katrine is located in the Trossachs National Park, and most likely looks quite familiar to viewers of Outlander. Instead of following in the footsteps of Outlander’s location scouts, you can follow in the footsteps of the famous Scottish outlaw: Rob Roy MacGregor. The shores of Loch Katrine would have been very familiar to him in his cattle-droving expeditions.

Credit: Robert Webb / Wikimedia

We hope that you enjoyed this guide to where Outlander was filmed in Scotland. If you are interested in a hiking holiday in the Scottish Highlands to visit some of these locations – check out our range of self-guided Scottish hiking tours!