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POSTED BY September 20, 2021

Scottish countryside, from the dramatic Highlands to the mysterious lakes, is known as one of the best hiking destinations in the world. Hiking trails of all levels meander between valleys, along lochs and over mountain ranges of this enchanting area. These nature photos prove what we actually knew for a long time: Scotland is the ultimate hiking holiday destination. Not convinced yet? Take a look at these 10 beautiful photos of Scotland and decide for yourself!

photos of scotland nature photos scottish nature
Photo: Ian Campbell / Unsplash

Scotland has a fascinating combination of natural landscapes. High mountain ranges, green valleys, gigantic lakes, rugged cliffs and hidden beaches are right next to each other. This nature photo, taken on the northern Scottish coast, shows that versatility in Scottish nature well. Anyone who goes on a hike here will be surprised again and again!

pictures of scotland nature pictures scottish nature walking
Photo: Danka & Peter / Unsplash

There is no shortage of breathtaking views in Scottish nature. This iconic rock outcrop on the Isle of Skye is one of the most popular places in Scotland to take nature photos. The idyllic spot is affectionately known by locals as “Old Man of Storr”. The rugged mountains in the Scottish Highlands make the area so impressive to explore on foot.

nature photos photos from scotland scottish nature hillwalk tours
Photo: Paul-Louis Pröve / Unsplash

Not only is Scotland the perfect destination for a walking holiday; Scotland’s countryside also offers unforgettable train journeys. This image of the Glenfinnan Viaduct speaks for itself. What better way to reward yourself after walking the West Highland Way than a train ride with views like this?

scottish nature photos from scotland nature photos scottish highlander
Photo: Adam Morse / Unsplash

Sometimes it is nice to walk alone; sometimes it is nice to have some company. In Scotland, hikers don’t feel lonely easily, thanks to these red-haired, woolly beasts. Scottish Highlanders are originally from the west of Scotland and are still common in the region. Nature photos of Scotland are more than happy to portray this iconic breed of cattle (and frankly, the photogenic animals ask a bit for that too with their gorgeous long coats).

photos of Scotland scottish nature nature photos ben nevis
Photo: Nitin Mathew / Unsplash

Take a short break? Anyone who dares to hike to the top of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the United Kingdom, will be happy to come across this bench along the way. The peak of this Scottish mountain is at 1,345 meters – quite a climb! Hikers who love a challenge will be eager to brave Ben Nevis.

photos of scotland castle scottish nature nature photos
Photo: Sorin Tudorut / Unsplash

Scotland’s most impressive photos almost always include a mountain, a lake or a castle – or better yet, all three together! This photo of Eilean Donan Castle shows just how fairytale Scottish nature can be when these elements come together. The water around the thirteenth-century castle is officially not a lake, but an inlet of a sea arm.

nature photos of scotland scottish nature photos of scotland
Photo: Dean Ward / Unsplash

Scotland isn’t the first beach destination people think of. Yet there are countless beautiful sandy beaches hidden on the versatile Scottish coast. Pictures like this of Scotland could just as well have been taken in the Mediterranean! A long walk on the beach, alternated with a refreshing dip in the water? In the summer months, the Scottish coast is ideal for this. Scotland also has a great coastal hiking route in the Fife Coastal Path.

nature photos photos of scotland scottish nature lighthouse
Photo: Mike Smith / Unsplash

A dramatic coastline with rugged cliffs, winding hiking trails and a body of water that stretches to the horizon. If you walk along the Scottish coast, you will regularly encounter these kinds of picturesque pictures. What more could a hiking enthusiast want?

We hope that you enjoyed this guide to Photos of Scotland (ultimate hiking holiday destination). If you’re interested in a Scotland hiking holiday, just get in touch for more information.