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POSTED BY September 30, 2017

You’ve completed your Camino. You’ve arrived in Santiago de Compostela. Now what? Santiago is a designated UNESCO World Hertiage Site, meaning the city has so much to offer for pilgrims and tourists alike.

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1. Visit the Cathedral

The cathedral at Santiago de Compostela marks the traditional end of the pilgrimage. This is where the bones of the apostle Saint James are allegedly buried.
There are daily masses for the pilgrims to attend. For the non-religious, Cathedral itself is an impressive feat of construction.

Cathedral at Santiago de Compostela

2. Explore the City – A UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Old Town of Santiago de Compostela is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is “one of the world’s most beautiful urban areas”. Many of the old and magnificent monuments cluster around the Cathedral.
The town has a mixture of Romanesque and Gothic buildings. A distinct medieval feel remains due to it being rebuilt in the 11th century. Narrow streets and markets hide around every corner.

Santiago de Compsotela - a UNESCO World Heritage Site

3. Museo del Pobo Galego – History of Galician People

This museum has exhibits dedicated to the history of Galician life. It explores traditions such as fishing, music, art and clothing.

Museo del Puebloe Gallego - Santiago de Compostela

4. Centro Gallego de Arte Contemporáno – Centre for Galician Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art is home to displays of modern art. Exhibitions come from local Galicia to the rest of the world.
The exhibitions fill minimalistic rooms and give a true taste of what modern art is.

Museum of Contemporary Art - Santiago de Compostela

5. Try Pulpo á Feira – Octopus

Pulpo á Feira, meaning “fair-style octopus”, is a typical Galician food. It is plentiful in Santiago.
The Galicians have it down to a fine art and cook it to perfection – not too tender and not too tough.
Tradition says that there should be no water served with this Galician food and so red wine is instead.

Pulpu a Feira - Typical Galician Food

6. Eat Tarta de Santiago

Tarta de Santiago is a typical Galician dessert.
It contains ground almonds and a sprinkling of icing sugar on top. In the icing suger there is an imprint of the cross of St. James.

Tarta de Santiago

7. Visit Alameda Park

Take a relaxing breather as you stroll through Alameda Park. It borders the UNESCO site of the Old Town and has a fantastic view of the Cathedral.

Flowerbeds, foundtains, tree groves and statues make this in to a very scenic and relaxing walk.

Alameda Park - Santiago de Compostela

8. Witness the Botafumeiro

The Botafumeiro is a giant censer that wafts incense throughout the cathedral.

It weighs 53kg, is 1.5m tall and swings 20m above the ground.

7 people must pull the rope up and down in order for the Botafumeiro to swing.

Botafumerio - Santiago de Compostela

We hope that you enjoyed this guide.

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