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Alex hiking in Connemara
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Hiking is a wonderful hobby. It’s good for the heart, for the body, and for the soul. In hot weather or cold. Outside or in (yes, people walk for miles in shopping centres). Together or alone.

Solo hiking: be prepared

Hiking lends itself to be the perfect sport for full immersion in nature, an unrecognisable form of incredible exercise, and an important way to clear your mind. You can take to the hills, drag your feet across beaches, or summit the highest mountain. All of this, of course, can be done alone. Hiking alone is the perfect way to get to know yourself and to ground yourself. You will feel at one with nature as you get back to basics with nothing but you, nature and your thoughts. After all, hiking has proven mental health benefits.

Hiking solo is also a great way to meet people. Staying in B&Bs, visiting local pubs and restaurants, and striking up conversations with people on the trail is incredibly rewarding. Take a look below at one of the best hiking trails to go on as a single hiker.

The Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago, one of the most famous hikes in the world, is an incredibly popular hiking trail for single hikers. It is a trail for reflection, for self-discovery, and it is known for its camaraderie. The sense of togetherness that people get on the trail is something that is consistently commented on by pilgrims young and old.

“I had no idea, when I started out my lone pilgrimage, how many dear friends I would make”

People on the Camino de Santiago walk together, they eat together, and they rest together. With one common goal of getting to Santiago, even as a single hiker on The Camino it’s hard to feel alone.

Camino Sayings about the Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage


The Camino is a trail of reflection too. There are plenty of opportunities to be completely alone with your thoughts. As you traverse mountain passes, hike through old and quaint villages and pass through bustling towns, the magic of The Camino gives you a different perspective and outlook on the world. The Camino is the perfect trail for the single hiker be alone. You can make of it what you want, take as long as you want, stop when you want, and think as much as you want.

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