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Along the West Highland Way, walkers experience the best that Scotland has to offer. There is so much to discover from the largest freshwater lake in the UK, breathtaking views of the Scottish Highlands and idyllic villages all along the route. These images will quickly show why the West Highland Way is the most popular destination for a walking holiday in Scotland.

This 155-km (96-mile) trail starts just north of Glasgow and cuts through the Highlands to Fort William, a town at the foot of Scotland’s highest mountain. It is one one of the most legendary hiking routes in the world and a truly special experience to hike. Here are some of the highlights you will experiences along the trail.

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Views over Loch Lomond coming down from Conic Hill, West Highland Way

Loch Lomond

With an area about one and a half times that of Texas, Loch Lomond is the largest freshwater lake in the United Kingdom. The elongated body of water is almost 200 meters deep at its deepest point and has dozens of islands. One of these even houses a colony of wallabies!

Loch Lomond is without a doubt one of the highlights along the West Highland Way. There are countless opportunities for water sports and outdoor activities along the lake. However, those who want a quiet walk in Scotland are also in the right place. Some of the best views (like the photo above), are from Conic Hill which is part of the West Highland Way route.

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Walking the West Highland Way to Loch Lomond, Scotland

The Highlands

The landscape along the West Highland Way is actually a very diverse sequence of landscapes. After a long leg along the shores of Loch Lomond, much of the route follows eighteenth-century military roads and forgotten railway lines. This long distance walk takes you right through the Highlands and past several villages and farms.

The weather in the Scottish Highlands can be very local and changeable. It is therefore important to be well prepared when you plan a walking holiday in Scotland. Check out our hiking checklist for the ultimate packing list for hiking in Scotland!

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Hiking The West Highland Way

Glen Nevis

The last section of the West Highland Way passes through Glen Nevis, a narrow valley at the foot of the UK’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis. Glen Nevis is one of the most scenic parts of the walking tour. One of Scotland’s highest waterfalls, imposing gorges and rugged mountain slopes make this environment irresistible – no wonder it was used as the setting for films such as Harry Potter and Braveheart.

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Hiking the West Highland Way towards Lochaber and Fort William

Ben Nevis

Officially, the West Highland Way ends in Fort William. However, some hikers want to take it a step further and climb to the 1,345 meter peak of Ben Nevis. Those who like a challenge will certainly not be disappointed when they look out from this high point (on a clear day) over Glen Nevis, Fort William and the wide area of ​​the Highlands.

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Hiking The West Highland Way

Curious about this fascinating hiking holiday in Scotland? Walk the West Highland Way at your pace with our self-guided walking tours.

Please note that early booking is always recommended as this is a very popular trail and there is limited accommodation in the small towns and villages along its path.