Autumn Hiking – Tips For Hiking In Autumn

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Alex hiking in Connemara
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Autumn hiking isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when the season comes around. However, hiking in autumn can often be better than hiking during the height of summer.

Quiet trails, more wildlife during the day, beautiful autumnal colours and the crunch of fallen leaves are just some of the reasons why autumn hiking is a must-do.

If you plan to go hiking in autumn, take a look at these tips so that you’re prepared.

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Autumn hiking in Wicklow

Shorter Days

The days will gradually get shorter as autumn draws in. This isn’t a cause for concern though.

Shorter days mean earlier wildlife activity at dusk, allowing you more of a chance to catch a glimpse while out on the trail.

The sun will set earlier and provide renowned autumnal sunsets.

In preparation for these shorter days, you should pack extra gear in your backpack.

Equipment such as a headlamp or torch and extra layers should keep you prepared for the drop in light and temperature that comes with it.

Quick-changing Weather

The weather in autumn can be quite changeable, especially in Ireland. This isn’t an issue, as long as you pack correctly and be prepared.

Having four seasons in one day is quite common in Ireland so it’s always a good idea to pack waterproof trousers and a jacket.

This type of weather means that autumn hiking will allow you to experience beautiful sunny skies and refreshing rain all in the same day.

For tips, check out our guide to hiking in the rain.

Autumn Hiking on the Rob Roy Way

Extra Clothes

Extra clothes are always more important to pack during autumn hiking than during warmer months.

This is the time when temperatures begin to drop and it’s easy to cool down quickly when you stop walking.

Throw on an extra top and/or jacket to prevent yourself from getting too cold, especially in areas overly-exposed to the elements.

Extra socks are always a bonus – there’s nothing worse than hiking in soggy socks!

Appropriate Equipment

Appropriate equipment for autumn hiking can range from waterproof clothes to spare socks to a map and compass.

Reading a map and using a compass can be very valuable skills to have when it comes to autumn hiking as visibility may be poorer in the hills.

Luckily, our route notes provide you with incredibly detailed information so you should never even need a map or compass!

They’re still handy skills to have nonetheless.

Leaves you can see during hiking in autumn

Sun Protection

It is possible to get sunburned even during autumn hiking. It doesn’t need to be warm for the sun to be out!

Sunhat, sun glasses and sun cream are a must for your autumn hiking checklist.

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