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POSTED BY September 6, 2017

The Camino Frances is a 780km-long pilgrimage route beginning in France and ending in Santiago, Spain. The 110km section from Sarria to Santiago is the most popular section to walk of any Camino as it’s just enough distance to qualify for a Compostela. The 160km walk from O Cebreiro to Santiago is also very popular. In this guide, we take a look at some of the towns on the Camino that you’ll pass on your way from O Cebreiro to Sarria to Santiago.

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Camino Frances Walking Tours


O Cebreiro

O Cebreiro is one of the highest points on the Camino Frances and marks the entry into Galicia. Small, round stone huts with thatched roofs – called ‘Pallozas‘ – add the character to this quaint and simple hamlet.

Palloza in Ocebreiro on the Camino

Right up until the 1960s, the locals of O Cebreiro lived in these huts, with their sleeping quarters in the barn, one level above the animals. This meant that the animals’ body heat and the thatched insulation would keep the house warm during harsh weather.

Sitting atop a ridge roughly 1,200m high, O Cebreiro offers fantastic views of the surrounding weather-beaten landscape. This village takes the brunt of Galician weather with snow, wind, rain and sun not uncommon in the space of one day.

When our Product Team walked through here in May, they started the day in snowy -5 degrees and later walked straight into glorious spring sunshine!


The main attraction in Samos is the monastery which was built in the 6th century. It is a very popular and important stop along the Camino Frances, and is still used as a functioning monastery. Pilgrims connected with the Camino can find refuge in the monastery.

Samos Monastery on the Camino Frances

The town of Samos has bars and cafés, suitable for replenishing along the Camino.

Palas De Rei

Palas De Rei is a quaint and picturesque town along the Camino Frances with plenty of tapas stops for the weary pilgrim. There are plenty of bars and cafés for pilgrims to relax in.

The central square of the town is covered by a canopy with a Galician-styled town hall nearby.

Old Building at Palas de Rei


Santiago de Compostela is the where all of the Camino pilgrimages lead to. It is the capital city of the Galician region, and is home to the tomb of St. James.

The cathedral in Santiago is the main attraction of the city, dominating the skyline with its impressive architecture.

In 1993, Santiago de Compostela was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cathedral in Santiago

We hope that you enjoyed this guide to some of the best towns along the Camino. For more information on the Camino, check out our other Camino blog posts.

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Camino Frances Walking Tours