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POSTED BY September 24, 2018
In a world of technology, computer jobs and desks, it can be hard to motivate yourself to get out and keep active. The first thing that’s on your mind when you get home from work isn’t very often “I should go for a walk…”. You can spend your year planning your holidays around work. This leaves no time to work on your fitness goals. It seems nigh on impossible to mix holidays, fitness and relaxation. Luckily, our walking holidays involve relaxation and fitness. How, you may ask? Find out more below about our range of fitness holidays.
Walking the Cornwall Coast Path, Hillwalk Tours

Walking for Weight Loss In The Countryside

Fitness holidays are becoming a craze, and walking holidays are no different. What better way to keep fit than getting back to nature? With the beautiful scenery around you, it won’t even seem like you’re exercising. On our walking holidays, you are surrounded by the breath-taking surroundings of wherever you decide to go – be it Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales or the Camino.
Walking in the countryside is the perfect fitness holiday, as it combines relaxation, holidays, and weight loss!
A Lone Hiker walking in the Woods

Walking Burns Calories

Burning more calories than you consume in a day is the fundamental principle of losing weight. Luckily, walking is an excellent way of burning calories. Taking a multi-day hike around Ireland, for example, is the perfect way to exercise and not realise that you’re doing it.
Walking also helps you to tone most of your muscle groups – even ones that you don’t mean to!

Don’t Lose Your Muscles While Losing Fat!

Often when people try to lose weight, they end up doing it by accidentally losing some muscle mass. Walking, on the other hand, uses many of your muscle groups. This ensures that minimal muscle is lost while losing fat instead – as long as you eat plenty of protein!
While dieting can play a role in weight loss, not eating enough while on the trail can leave you with a lack of energy and actually hinder your ability to enjoy your fitness walking holiday. Good food and good exercise is the way to go!
A Man Hiking in Front of Water

Prepare and Motivate Yourself

A hiking buddy, or someone with a common goal, is an excellent motivation to get out and start treading the path on a walking holiday. Picking a walking route that is your goal and your dream, is the opportunity to also hit your fitness goals. Getting up each morning to the scenery of your choice and walking from B&B to B&B is an excellent way to relax, walk on and enjoy your fitness holiday, while losing weight at the same time!
We hope that you enjoyed this guide to Walking For Weight Loss – Fitness Holidays. If you are interested in taking a self-guided hiking holiday, we have tours to suit all walking levels.