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POSTED BY October 31, 2021

Slow travel is all about making a connection with a place in Scotland and creating personal memories. Forget writing a list and switch off your social media notifications. It’s your time to chill out and immerse yourself in Scotland’s picturesque locations and the welcoming locals there to greet you.

With the help of VisitScotland, here are the top 5 tips for slow travelling across Scotland and how you can try it yourself.

Take things one step at a time

Scotland has no shortage of beautiful stretches of coastline and dramatic landscapes to explore. Whichever place you choose for a walk, there’s no rush. Just take it at your own pace and take in the Scottish scenery. 

Why not give yourself a challenge, set your schedule and try out some of Scotland’s best trails, including the West Highland WayGreat Glen WayRob Roy WayFife Coastal Path and the Speyside Way

Treat yourself to a wellness or solo break

Fancy something a bit more relaxing? There are plenty of activities you can try to help make you feel more restful and calmer before you return to your busy day-to-day routine. 

Why not book a yoga retreat to stretch your anxieties and worries away, or if you’re travelling solo, we have some great ideas to help you plan a trip for some well-deserved time out. 

Research your destinations

If you’re unsure of where to go on your trip before you go, a good thing to do is to devote time to researching the places you want to visit. Taking inspiration from films and television show locations in Scotland is a great way to form a connection with a destination even before you go!

That’s not to say you should only stick to the locations you have on your list. At Hill Walk Tours, we know how easy it can be to stray from the path. As long as you ensure you’re sticking to a safe route, going off track isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Instead of being too rigid in your plans, why not factor in some extra time to allow for these unplanned adventures?

Extend your stay

Instead of staying for a short weekend where everything you want to do needs to be crammed in a short space of time, opt to book for a more extended stay where you have more time and freedom to do what you wish. 

Staying in a place longer allows you to connect with destinations more and get to know the locals based there. 

Find the perfect place to relax and recharge

Looking for a cosy place to relax and reconnect with loved ones?

Whether it’s a quirky farm bothie on a farming estate or an eco-friendly lodge located in a patch of woodland, there is no shortage of accommodation options to book in Scotland. While walking is one of the best ways to recharge your batteries, sometimes taking the time to do nothing at all is just as beneficial.

Spend your time doing as much or as little as you like to help you recharge and feel rested.

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